World of Tanks Codes (March 2023)

World of Tanks is a massively popular massively multiplayer online action game for fans of armored combat vehicle battles. If you want to succeed in this online battlefield, you need the best tank commanders, credits, experience (XP) and many other goodies that will make you a better fighter.

There are two types of codes for World of Tanks that you can redeem. If you are a beginner, the best way to prepare yourself is to activate the invitation code. Another option is bonus codes for players who have already created an account. In this case, you can expect great rewards such as gold, premium vehicles, and even a premium account that will give you a number of advantages. Enter the codes below exactly as they are written, otherwise the code may not work. If a code from our working codes section has expired, please let us know so we can remove it!

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All world of tanks codes list

Updated March 1st82023

A new set of icons has been added. You can only use one!

Codes for world of tanks (working)

  • SPEO7C4—Refund for a 2D shamrock pattern, 12 green paint, and 3 lucky stickers
  • SPEM9G9—Redeem for 1 2D Shamrock Pattern, 3 Material Luck Stickers, 3 Gold Horseshoe Stickers
  • SPEP6Q7—Refund for 1 2D Shamrock Pattern, 3 Material Lucky Stickers, 12 Green Paint
  • SPER9S2—Replay 1 Shamrock 2D Pattern, 6 Quadrifoil Emblem, 6″ Snake 2″ Emblem
  • SPEJ1L4—Refund 1 2D shamrock pattern, 3 gold horseshoe decal, 1 6″ snake emblem

Codes for world of tanks (expired)

These World of Tanks codes no longer work.

  • BTSN-G9EWK-944MW
  • PfRub-5 Tech-7 Hvn
  • SPEK5L4—Redeem for 1 Premium Day, 2x Crew XP booster + 200%, and 4 x Medkits
  • SPEZ8G8—Redeem for 1 Premium Day, 2x tank XP booster + 50%, and 4 x repair kits
  • SPEW3R9—Redeem for 1 Premium Day, 2x + 50% XP booster tanks, and 3 x badges
  • Specifications—Redeem for 1 Premium Day, 4 x Collection and 3 Badges
  • the speed—Recover 1 Premium Day, 2 x +200 Crew XP Booster, and 2x +50 Tank xp Booster
  • hotfortug—Retrieve 4x task access and 2 x Token Store Token
  • ehre– Compensation for German camouflage and tank rentals (NB: This code does not work in the North American region!)
  • inspired by you—Retrieve 3x large repair kit and 3x personal reserve: +200% to crew experience for 1 hour
  • ingredients—Refund 7 days of premium, 1000 gold, 200,000 credits
  • Desicanta 2022– Get ready to light a window in the pirate’s house
  • steam iron—1 day refund of WoT Premium (Steam users only)
  • StrongGirthOtherNew—Recover 16 Barracks Chests, 1 Garage Slot, 5 x 5x Bonus Experience Points for any Vehicle, 2 Spare Personal XP, 2ree Personal Spare and Crew XP
  • Supernova—7-day premium refund, 1,000 gold, 200,000 credits, 2x 200% Crew XP (1 hour), 2x 50% XP (1 hour), 2x 25% Credits (1 hour)
  • WOTGURU—3-Day Premium Refund, 1000 Gold, 4x 25% Credits (1 hour), 2x 100% XP (1 hour), T14
  • mankercode—Refund for 7 days of premium, 200,000 credits, Churchill III
  • Opisop– Exchange gold for 850, M22 Locust, Churchill III
  • worlddoftacus—Redeem for 1000 Gold, 6 x 25% Credits (2 hours), 6 x 50% XP (2 hours), Churchill III
  • FYXENTOBOOST—Recover 6 x 50% XP (2 hours), 6 x 100% XP (2 hours), 6 x 200% XP for Crew (2 hours), 6 x 300% XP (2 hours),
  • codebeza—Refund for Gun Rammer, 550 gold, T-34S
  • silver—7-day premium recovery, 1000 gold, 20 x 50% XP (1 hour), 20 x 200% crew experience (1 hour)
  • guide—3-Day Premium Refund, 800 Gold, 2x 100% XP Staff (1 hour), 2x 50% XP (1 hour), 2x 25% Credits (1 hour), Ram II
  • Jerem—3-Day Premium Refund, 850 Gold, 2 x 50% XP (1 hour), 2 x 25% Credits (1 hour), Ram II
  • airline—Recover 1000 gold, 6x 50% XP (2 hours), 6x 25% Credits (2 hours), T14
  • 21 nobs—7-day refund of premium, 4x 50% credits (2 hours), Excelsior
  • Souveline—3 days redeem premium, 400 gold, T-34S
  • Beautiful—3-day bonus refund, 1000 gold, 4 x 25% credit boosters (1 hour), Pz.Kpfw. T 25
  • Rudyrudyrudy—Refund for 3 days of premium, 100 gold, T2 Light Tank, T-127, Pz.Kpfw. T15
  • amazing—7-day premium recovery, 1000 gold, 20 x 50% XP (1 hour), 20 x 200% crew experience (1 hour)
  • Sirot—Redeem for 7 days of premium, 3 x 50% XP (2 hours), 3 x 50% XP (1 hour), 3 x 50% Credits (1 hour), 3 x 200% XP (2 hours)
  • Nandocabot—Refund for 14 days of premium time, 250,000 credits, and 10 charter battle Tiger 131, Excelsior, Lansen C, and IS-6
  • ONTRMUSEUM—Refund for 14 days of premium time, 500,000 credits, Ram II
  • Biodibi—14-day refund of premium, 250,000 credits, 10-fight Tiger 131 rental, Excelsior, Lansen C, and IS-6
  • WOTREDDIT—7-day refund of Premium, 500 Gold, and Churchill II
  • FREESTUFFYAY—7-day redemption of Premium, 250 Gold, Ram II, 25 Battle M4A3E8 Thunderbolt VII Rental
  • PocketGold
  • solubility
  • now
  • Calm down
  • Let it snow
  • clover is lucky
  • revolution
  • to the moon
  • Spring in action
  • Time is running
  • bear with me
  • Death Star
  • Hot Cocoa 12202
  • Halpas 092004
  • School 092003
  • straight
  • Turkey
  • Thanks 2020
  • Winter 12201
  • Spookyday 10201
  • Backpack 092001
  • Tricourt RAT 102045
  • Monstermash 10204
  • Improjeto 2020
  • IAMKJP1052020
  • Imsumwa 2020
  • Jackolantern 10203
  • IAM50TP2020
  • Muhammad Ali Ahmed 2020
  • IAMLT4322020
  • IAMT92LT2020
  • IAMM4492020
  • imo 2020
  • IAMSTRVS12020
  • IAMTS52020
  • IAMM41902020
  • Witch 10202
  • IAMT26E52020

How to redeem codes for world of tanks

Redeeming codes for free rewards in World of Tanks depends on the type of codes you redeem.

How to redeem World of Tanks invite codes?

Screenshot via Pro Game Guides
  1. go to World of Tanks official website and press Create an account button in the upper-right corner.
  2. On this page click “Do you have an invite code?” connection.
  3. A text box will appear just below the link. Enter the code exactly as it appears in the list above.
  4. Finish the registration process and press Complete button.
  5. Log into the game and the rewards are waiting for you!

Another option is to activate an invitation code in the Game Center.

How to redeem world of tanks bonus codes

World of war games of tanks codes
  1. Log in to the Game Center.
  2. Click on the profile picture in the upper left corner
  3. Click on ‘Wargaming code activation orange button.
  4. In the “war games icon” Enter the code exactly as it appears in the list above.
  5. He presses ‘Enters’ or click ‘activation’ button to send the code.

There is another option to claim your precious prizes.

WoT code redemption
  1. Go to the official Wargaming website.
  2. Click your user name to enter the my file options in the upper right corner.
  3. Click on Wargaming code activation option.
  4. In the ‘Enter your code’ Enter the code exactly as it appears in the list above.
  5. He presses ‘Enters’ or click “redeem code” button to send the code.

Congratulations, you will find your rewards in the game!

What is the difference between invite codes and bonus codes?

The main difference between invite codes and bonus codes is that the first prizes are prizes for new players, while the latter are for all players.

How can you get more World of Tanks codes?

If you want to be up to date with all the codes for WoT, follow the officialacebook page, disagreementor Twitter account. If you want every bit of information in one place, bookmark this page and check it for any new updates.

Why are my World of Tanks codes not working?

One of the main reasons why some codes do not work is because they have expired. Also, you can only redeem the code once. Another reason could be a misspelling, so be sure to enter the code carefully. The easiest way is to copy and paste the code, avoiding any chance of errors.

What is world of tanks?

World of Tanks is a massively multiplayer online action game focused on team battles. Players control tanks that are divided into classes: light tanks, medium tanks, heavy tanks, tank destroyers, and self-propelled guns. With victories, you will earn XP, gold and more stuff!

If you are looking for codes for other games, we have a lot of them in Game icons mail! You can also check our website World of Tanks page for more information.

World of Tanks Codes (March 2023)