Person arrested after being seen with a gun at Temple University

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania (WHTM) — One person is in custody at Temple University police after they said someone was carrying a gun near an auditorium on the university’s campus onriday, March 17.

According to the temple policeAt approximately 2:43 p.m., an Allied Universal contract security officer was watching the restaurant area at Morgan Hall when they saw what they thought was an object on someone that appeared to be a gun.

The officer immediately called the Temple University police chief who was just outside. The commander recalled the incident and responded with additional officers.

The person was taken into custody while he retrieved the firearm without incident, according to Temple Police.

Temple Police stated that no alert was sent because the suspect was taken into custody immediately, and there was no immediate action required by the public.

Temple police also say they have increased security at Morgan Hall to adjust safety protocols.