Mistplitter Reforged – How to get it, ups, stats, and who can use it in Genshin Impact

Mistplitter Reforged is a five-star Genshin Impact sword that meets the needs of DPS units. It has a very versatile use case, as characters can take advantage of its passive regardless of their attack patterns – but it’s best used by those who can inject items into their attacks. If you managed to pull that sword off, here’s everything you need to know about it.

How to get Mistplitter Reforged in Genshin Impact

The Reforged Mistplitter is a limited-time weapon that can only be obtained when it’s offered the Epitome Invocation emblem buff modifier, which you can wield with Primogems and Intertwinedates. As such, you need to wait for it to rotate and plot a brief path to ensure the Mistplitter is reshaped on the third pity.

Genshin Impact Mistplitter stats Reforged

  • Basic attack: from 48 to 674
  • substat: critical damage (9.4 to 44.1 percent)
  • negative: edge mistplitter
    • acquisition 12/15/18/21/24 Bonus the percentage of elemental damage to all items and get the power of the Mistplitter Emblem.
    • At stack levels 1/2/3, the Mistplitter Emblem provides an elemental damage bonus to a character’s item type.
      • R1: 8/16/28 percent
      • R2: 10/20/35 percent
      • R3: 12/24/42 percent
      • R4: 14/28/49 percent
      • R5: 16/32/56 percent
    • The character will get 1 Mistplitter Emblem Pack in each of the following scenarios. The duration of each stack is calculated independently.
      • Normal attack deals elemental damage (stack lasts five seconds)
      • Casting an elemental blast (stack lasts 10 seconds)
      • Energy is less than 100 percent (the stack disappears when energy is full)

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Genshin Impact Mistplitter Reforged Ascension Cost and materials

Here are all the ascension materials needed to raise Mistplitter Reforged to level six. It can be cultivated from the following sources:

  • hand guards: Kairagi and Nobushi are all over Inazuma
  • Grass fog: Ruin cruiser, cannon, destroyer, and scout throughout Inazuma and Sumeru
  • Far sea branch:lowing Sand Court (Monday, Thursday, Sunday)

First stage ascent

x10,000 mora

x3 Ancient Handguard

x5 Chaos Gear

x5 Coral branch of a distant sea

Second stage ascent

x20,000 mora

x12 ancient handguard

x18 Chaos Gear

x5araway Bejeweled Sea Branch

Third stage ascent

x30,000 mora

x9 Kageuchi Handguard

x9 axis of chaos

x9araway Bejeweled Sea Branch

Ascent – the fourth stage

x45000 Mora

x 14 Kageuchi Handguard

x 18 axis of chaos

x5 Jade Branch from aar Sea

Climbing – the fifth stage

x55000 Mora

x9amous Handguard

x14 Chaos Oculus

x9 Jade branch from a distant sea

Sixth ascent stage

x65000 Mora

x 18 Famous Handguard

x27 Oculus chaos

x6 The golden branch of a distant sea

Who can use Mistplitter Reforged in Genshin Impact

Mistplitter Refoged is an amazing all-around sword for DPS characters, but it can also pair well with DPS sub-units and support units. But if you have a large number of sword wielders in your arsenal, it’s best to give this weapon to a character who can infuse elements into their skills to take advantage of the negative Elemental Damage bonus.

The following characters can use Mistplitter Reforged:

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Mistsplitter Reforged – How to get, Ascension, stats, and who can use it in Genshin Impact