Mass Extinction Event DMZ Mission Guide

The Tier 5 Crownaction Mass Extinction event mission turns the DMZ into a full-fledged PvP shooter where you have to eliminate 15 agents in a single match. Since the number of kills you need to get is high, you should try to do this task farm Instead of the smaller-scale Ashika Island and Building 21 maps, which have fewer players.

DMZ mass extinction mission

  • Kill 15 workers in a single deployment.
The player spawns on the farm (Image via Pro Game Guides)

First of all, have a look at the map above which shows each operator spawn points On the farm. Once you start your match, the first thing you need to do is head straight to the nearest spawn and eliminate that team. This will instantly kill 3 kills if it’s a full team.

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The most important tip for this mission if you are playing with your teammates is Don’t go to the end immediately. Let’s say you take down 3 players on the enemy team and your teammates get the full kill instead of you, the total number of player eliminations for the mission will be 6. This is an efficient way to complete the challenge as it only requires you to kill 8 players instead of 16.

Hunt Squad Contract (screenshot by Pro Game Guides)

After you kill the team that spawned near you, you can go to the next nearest team or start completing Hunt Squad Contracts. These contracts place a bounty on an enemy squad that you have to take out. During this mission, keep your vehicle on hand at all times to get through it quickly and make use of any drone turrets or drone kills you have to track down targets. urthermore, if you notice the green glow above the exfil point, players trying to extract from the DMZ will be eliminated.

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Mass Extinction Event DMZ Mission Guide