Jinkx Monsoon has all the perfect responses to its recent withdrawal bans

The Queen of all Queens has spoken!

New Tennessee bills banning drag artists from performing in public have seen incredible opposition since they were implemented.

In a recent interview with ABC News, Twice RuPaul’s Drag Race Winner Jinx Monsoon doubled down on her opinion of the ban, saying, “To say the least, it’s hypocritical. There are so many things that I think are more abhorrent for children to witness. But because they’re so non-conforming, or because they adhere to gender norms, they’re ignored.”

She continued, “Now, we’re looking at clouds and how it affects children, as if everyone The drawing takes place in front of the children. We human adults are able to know what not to put in front of children. We make the raffle kid-friendly, if kids will be there. And if there are no children, we also make that known.”

She also referred to her recent assignment in Chicago on Broadway, saying, “I make art that talks about [the hatred.] I go on stage and perform to show that what I like to do is just get on stage and entertain people. Nothing different than any other artist, I’ve done it in drag, more gracefully than some artists.”

When the fan was first announced, Monson tweeted, “The revolution of love, compassion, and truth—you can’t ban this stuff. We’ll fight this fight the way our ancestors did: with grace, compassion, and throwing bricks if we have to.”

All hail the queen.