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Deadlines is one of the Level 5 missions for the White Lotusaction in Call of Duty: Warzone 2 DMZ. This task tasks you with completing any four contracts in a six-minute time frame. This might be difficult but it is certainly possible if you go for the right task and maintain efficiency.

Deadlines are important to the DMZ

  • Complete 4 contracts in less than 6 minutes.
Cancellation of HVT contracts (Image via Pro Game Guides)

Since the time allotted to complete four different contracts is much less, you need to select the right contracts for the task. Of all the nine contracts available on the farm, HVT elimination It is he who can be completed very quickly if everything goes well.

While you’re in the map, the first thing you should do is open up the tac map and locate the area where there is a high concentration of HVT contracts. In general, multiple contracts can be found in the farm town in the northern part of the map. Wherever you find at least three HVT contracts, quickly move into that area before any other team gets it.

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The most important step is to grab a file trolley, which will allow you to quickly navigate between contracts and objectives. Pick up the HVT Disposal and drive straight to the target. Get the boss out as soon as possible and get close to his body to confirm the kill and terminate the contract. You can even run over him and the robots guarding him with your vehicle to make things faster. Once you have completed a contract, move on to the next without wasting a second.

If you have teammates with you, that’s even better because you can ask them to stay close to the next contract while the current one is finalized. If there are no HVT contracts left, you can try doing Secure Nuclear, Secure Intel, and even Hostage Rescue if time permits. As a reward for completing the Deadlines task, players receive Underground cow key. You must save this key as it is required for the Breaking and Entering mission for Tier 4 Black Mouse.

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Deadlines DMZ Mission Guide