Approved takeaway pizza and milkshake bar atleet Lane, Bar !

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What are the plans?

An application proposing to change the use of a property, at 460leet Lane, Parr, from a commercial location to a mixed-use takeaway for fast food and ice cream/milkshakes, and to install a flue extraction system on the side elevation, was put forward last fall.

The site is located close to a roundabout junction with Derbyshire Hill Road and Waring Street.

A design statement in the plans said it is currently a vacant commercial property on the ground floor, with a residential apartment above.

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The applicant has proposed retaining the first floor apartment, which does not form part of the application, and converting the commercial units into a take-out pizza and milkshake/ice cream bar.

He also stated that the site was assessed to ensure compliance with local plan requirements of no takeaways/fast food within 400m of the school – with the nearest being 477m away.

Previous proposals for six apartments on the property have been shelved before plans for a takeaway and a milkshake bar have been dispatched. Meanwhile, a bid for a 10-bedroom multifunctional home at nearby 466leet Lane was approved earlier this year.

Council’s hot meals policy

The local plan document stated that planning permission for a fast food takeaway would only be granted if it was located within the specified town center of St Helens or Earlstown, or if it was located outside of downtown St Helens or Earlstown, outside the 400 meter exclusion zone measured from any school boundary Primary, secondary or sixth form college.

Meanwhile, when an exclusion zone has a boundary that cuts in whole or in part through or sweeps across the applicable building, the entire building and its cliff are considered to be within the exclusion zone.

The Council’s Supplementary Hot Meal Planning document set out further detail to guide the location and design of fast food takeaways and also address their health implications.

It identified that obesity is an important health issue that, if it appears during childhood and adolescence, can lead to associated health problems during adulthood.

Suggested opening hours for our hot meal takeaway and ice/milkshakes are from noon to 10pm each day.

Plans ‘will not affect adjacent facilities’

In a report recommending approval, case officer Alex Poole said: “The council’s noise officer did not raise any objection to the change of use, however, he did request that several conditions be attached to protect the adjacent facilities, such as the installation of noise from the plant, the installation of any mechanical suction or ventilation systems to be installed.”

She added, “It is considered that the change of use will not significantly affect the neighboring facilities.”

Planning permission granted.