All the unexpected songs we’d love to see on Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

The ultimate “Iras Tour” wish list.

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While Ticketmaster breaking under the pressure of a hot concert isn’t exactly unprecedented territory, there’s no doubt that Taylor Swift is IRAS Tour It’s a big deal. Starting today, the Swifties will be flocking to stadiums across the US to see her perform her songs from her 16-year recording career so far.

Many of us would gladly sit through her renditions of every song in her collection, but the harsh truth is that the journey through all of Taylor’s era is likely to be short. With 10 studio albums and over 200 songs to her name, fans have been eagerly debating what might appear on her tracklist and preparing to be disappointed when underrated favorites don’t inevitably make the cut.

Swift will undoubtedly change things up from city to city. But in the meantime, we’ve compiled a list of a few songs from each era that we hope will surprise their fans — those who can actually score tickets to a show, that is.

Scroll on to see which Taylor Swift songs we’d love to see her perform on IRAS Tour.

“Maryam’s Song (Oh My Country)”

Mary’s Song (Oh My My My) is said from its self-titled debut to be about an older couple who lived next door to her family when she was a child, but it also reads as a wicked love story from childhood to old age, thanks to Swift’s familiar loose approach to pronouns and facets. look. Is that reason enough to put it on our wish list? definitely.


Swift’s early music in particular is known for its deep approach to young love and heartbreak, and although it wasn’t released as a single, “Breathe” perfectly captured that essence — though the singer said it was about a friend. Either way, we’re ready to wave our lighters in the air and pretend it’s the end of a sad movie.


“mean” is the introduction to the whole of Swift reputation somehow squeezing. It was written in response to a critic who kept giving her music poor reviews, and while that was an understandably controversial move at the time, to hear her sing it now, to sold-out stadiums full of fans, as one of the most successful artists of all time, would be absolutely delicious.


talk now When Taylor really started hitting hits, though “Haunted” was never an official single, it’s one of the strongest songs on the album. And as vocally as she’s grown over the years, this could be a real one IRAS Tour.

“The holy land”

There are a large number of songs from red Onwards is full of wistfulness for a moment in her relationship(s) where everything was perfect as long as the world stood still, things were kept secret, or when she sings on “Holy Ground”, she “never looked down”. There’s no doubt she’s been revisiting these feelings and memories on her last three albums, and watching her delve into them again will be a tour de force.

“It’s All So Good (10 Minute Version)”

“All Too Well” used to be an underdog song, a live performance pretty rare in the years since the official ruling red tour, but it’s hard to imagine a world where Swift doesn’t play the full 10-minute version on every single show this time around. However, she makes the list because the small possibility of it not happening is too tragic.

“The very first night”

Breach in another vault song shared only on Taylor version Re-release redSwift needs to play “The Veryirst Night” live so we can hear “whisper,” “picture,” and “you” rhyme night after night as if there’s any plausible justification for it.

The entirety of “1989”

Sure, it might not be completely reasonable To ask Taylor to play all the time 1989 in the middle l IRAS Tourbut is there a single Swiftie among us (invested by folkloreAnyway) Who wouldn’t want that to happen?

Barring that, her preference between “I Wish I Was,” “I Know Places,” and “New Romantics” would be a gift to all of us. Oh, and another song…


Sorry, not sorry. “Wonderland” is a pop hit that not even Swifties appreciate enough. She performed a slower version of it during 1989 World Tourproving versatile enough to fit anywhere on the set menu—and if it is Alice in Wonderland The topic was once important enough for Taylor to not only write a song about it but do an entire Grammys performance revolving around it, and it certainly belongs in the retrospective.

“Dancing with our hands tied”

Here she goes and loves in secret again. Swift reputation The album is split between revenge bands and songs about falling deeply in love — and whether or not you believe in conspiracy theories about who some of the latter songs are about, “Dancing With Our Hands Tied” is easily interpretable for a gay audience. It’s a must-see. This tour wish list.

“cruel summer”

Swift has now released four albums that never got their proper touring, starting with the pandemic-induced cancellation of LoverFest in 2020. “Cruel Summer” was undoubtedly a fan favorite on the album, and we were robbed of our hot summer nights spent dancing to in the clubs and at the Crowds full of fellow fans. It seems likely that Taylor is doing this right during IRAS Tour.

“the man”

Look, are there better songs lover from “the man?” definitely. But given that this is a ballpark run, it’ll be interesting to see what kind of performance Taylor will put up with the guy — especially when it gets to the bragging part about “collecting dollars and getting bitches and models.”

“my house”

great like folklore He, unfortunately, is very much unsuitable for stadium presentation. The case can be made for bringing in “the last great American dynasty,” but we all know damn well that wicked blonde Swifties want to see what Taylor does with Betty in a live show. Sure, this is from a man’s perspective – whatever you say, Taylor. Sing it to us anyway. If nothing else, we get to hear her sing “Tell Me touck Myself” on stage.

“champagne problems”

Likes folkloreAnd forever Not particularly suitable for this type of tour, but “Champagne Problems” is such a standout smash from the album that it would be a shame not to hear Swift perform it live.

“No body, no crime”

“No Body, No Crime” is perhaps the more stadium-friendly song between the two unexpected pandemic albums, and who isn’t quite ready to talk Taylor out of killing her friend’s cheating cheating husband? Engage me.

“a question…?”

It’s a shame Swift won’t be able to celebrate the release of her 10th studio album with a dedicated tour. Still, if there’s any chance at all that we’re going to ditch Swift for gay lavender recovery night after night, it might be a fair trade-off.

One thing we don’t want to miss midnight is the latest entry in the shifting songbook from Taylor’s perspective. Have you ever been kissed in a crowded room?

“You’re on your own, kid.”

It sounds like “You’re On Your Own, Kid” would be a crowd pleaser at a concert of any size, and we’d all show up ready to sing “From the Mist of Sprinkle to the Ashes of the Hearth” until our lungs collapse.


Well, hear me out. “Bonus” on the tracks midnight are some of Swift’s best songs on the album, and while “Paris” isn’t quite as agonizing as John Mayer (“W would have, would have, should have been”) or as fav as “It Might Be the Great War” indeed, there Something so fantastically chaotic about it that it’s another war that would be nice to see live. What are even those opening words?? unhinged To die for.

With the exception of the “Paris” performance, Taylor could pick up a little “High Betrayal” and follow it up by simply letting us know where she is on April 29.