A child in York County uses Christmas to help stock up on animal food

YORK COUNTY, Pennsylvania (WHTM) — A child in York County is using his birthday to help an animal nonprofit.

Corbin Shanabrough held his third annual pet fundraiser for the Boro Animal Response Krew, also known as BARK, in York County on Saturday.

Donations will go to BARK’sood Patry which helps people who need food and supplies for their pets.

Shenbro exceeded his goal and managed to donate 800 items.

“I love helping animals in need because I care about animals and I want those animals that don’t have anything to have something,” Schnabrough said.

“What he’s done, I’m so proud of him and so honored that he chose BARK to do it for him. He’s just an amazing kid, an amazing kid,” said BARK founder Shelley Metzler.

Shanabrough has a new target of 900 next year. He says he wants to help families everywhere.