Tinder is adding pronoun and relationship type options to profiles

Are you tired of matching with someone on an app only to find out later that you are not fully compatible due to one of you being polyamorous and the other monogamous? Tired of explaining your pronouns after someone swipe right only to have them not match? Tinder is about to end that era!

As part of rolling out several new features to the app, Tinder has announced that it’s adding relationship types and pronouns to profiles, avoiding many of the mistakes that are easy to make in finding your soulmate.

The app surveyed its users and found that 73 percent of young singles of all genders say they want people to be more explicit about what they’re looking for on dating apps, and now, Tinder is making that a lot easier.

You can already choose from plenty of gender and gender identities on your profile, and now, it’s easy to add your own pronouns! Tinder will have more than fifteen pronoun options, and will allow users to choose up to four of them to put on their profile.

For relationship type, members will now be able to classify themselves as interested in monogamy, ethical non-monogamy, open relationships, polyamory, or open to exploration.

According to a Tinder survey, 52 percent of Gen Z users prefer monogamous relationships, but 41 percent are open to or looking for non-monogamous relationships. Thirty-six percent said they were interested in open relationships, and 26 percent said they were interested in hierarchical polyamory.

Currently, these new pronoun options are only available in the United States, but relationship types will be available in the United States, Brazil,rance, the Netherlands, India, Taiwan, Italy, Spain, Thailand, Sweden, Germany, Mexico, and Canada.