Rachel Weisz Says ‘Dead Ringers’ Remake Is “Quirky and Darkly Comedic”

What’s better than Rachel Weisz?

How about two Rachel Weiszes, twins, who are eccentric, codependent, and two of the smartest doctors on Earth? That’s what the next Prime Video series is about Dead Rangers around, and it will be your favorite show of the spring.

In an interview with Entertainment WeeklyWeisz, who played twin doctors Elliot and Beverly Mantle in the remake of David Cronenberg’s ’80s classic, revealed what we can expect from the new series.

Wesz described the series as “a psychosexual thriller that’s twisted, darkly comical, campy, and voyeuristic”, adding that “the show does cross paths with some serious questions, but I hope people are entertained and moved and find it funny — it’s just so funny.”

To shoot the scenes between the twins, Wise would shoot the scene on one side as one sister, then go back to the hair, make-up, and costumes, and shoot the same scene on the other side. Eventually, it became “second nature” for her to switch between the two.

“I don’t even know which was more fun or which was more difficult, because they were both challenging and exhilarating,” she said of playing the loud, brutal Elliott and the reserved Beverly. “And they’re both just wonderful, wonderful, perverted, weird, extraordinary women. I love them both.”

Whereas Cronenberg’s original film starred Jerome Irons as two fertility doctors, this new six-hour series centers itself on women by making doctors women, and their goals are much higher: to completely revolutionize how babies are born.

It also meant that Weisz, and showrunner Alice Birch, were able to dive deeper into the sisters’ twisted relationship with one another.

“On the show, I think we really had to investigate how the sisters’ obsession fell apart over six hours,” said Wise. “You see them come together very tightly, and then fall apart in a very convoluted way. You get more out of this very dysfunctional, tangled world — a few more hours.”

Dead Rangers Premieres April 21 on Amazon Prime Video.