Queer Eye’s Karamo Brown is getting a second season renewal for his talk show

Karamo Brown, best known for being one of the members of theabive on Netflix Queer Eyereceived a renewal for a second season on his own daytime talk show, Karamo, which has national syndication by NBCUniversal.

Announcing the renewal, NBCUniversal and E! Executive Vice President of News Tracy Wilson wrote in a statement:

Karamo is a charismatic TV personality who resonated with viewers in his first season. With his unique experience as a social service worker, author, and father, he brings a fresh perspective with creative ideas to each show. We are happy to present another season to the audience during the day.

Brown said, “As an openly black and gay man who hosts a syndicated daytime talk show, this means a lot to me, but also to a community that is often underrepresented.”

Karamo It uses Brown’s persona to enhance human connection and covers a variety of topics, including infidelity, DNA mysteries, and a focus on complex family dynamics and parenting.

As for where this renovation leaves Brown in regards Queer EyeTell diverse: “Please let there be another 40 seasons! I love working with these four Yahoos.”

He added, “You grew up poor. Just because you got a new job, you don’t quit the old one. I don’t know how rich people do it, but just because you have a new check doesn’t mean you quit the old one.”

He also thanked Queer Eye For being a “training ground” for him to do what he’s doing now on his talk show. However, one thing viewers should not expect is interviews with right-wing politicians.

“I’m not equipped to have all the facts like CNN, like Anderson Cooper has been studying this, [like] Rachel Maddow. I wish Jonathan Van Ness had a late night talk show. They study politics. I don’t study politics, I study emotions. I would do a disservice trying to argue with a politician on my show.”