Cast Shadow & Bone talks about bringing representation and diversity to the fantasy genre

Shadow and bones It’s officially back!

Continuing with the first season that ended two years ago, season two of the beloved fantasy series (based on bestselling author Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse books) is packed with heart, action, comedy, and charm. But one of the things that fans love the most Shadow and bones is the insight it provides to many people who have not ordinarily seen themselves in the fantasy genre before. illed with complex women, colorful characters, and quirky personalities, Shadow and bones He’s had a bit of a walk when it comes to acting, and many are taking notice.

Outside I got a chance to catch up with several of the series’ cast members on the red carpet at the final season 2 premiere in LA to talk about the show’s ongoing efforts to make the fantasy genre a more diverse and inclusive space in TV!

“The thing I realize now, since the first season came out, is how many people felt represented on the show,” Jessie Mei Lee, who stars as Alina Half of Shaw in Shadow and bonesTell Outside. “It’s not like it’s in your face. A lot of this stuff is just, you know, there are diverse people in this world. It just so happens that a lot of same-sex or gay relationships are no big deal. It’s just how it is and how it should be.” We don’t always have to make a lot of everything, and that’s the kind of representation that I think is really important. It’s just people doing people’s stuff. That’s why I’m really proud of the show for that, in particular.”

Shadow and bones Season two is now streaming on Netflix.

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