2023 Outfestusion QTBIPOCilmestival List Announced

Get ready for some of the best shorts and feature films from and around queer and across BIPOC at this year’s 20th Anniversary Outfestusion QTBIPOCilmestival!

This year’s Outfestusion slate includes 23 world premieres, 5 US premieres, 4 international premieres, and 3 North American premieres. The festival also features acts from the United States and 16 other countries around the world.

Some of the films highlighted at this year’s festival include the documentary Little Richard: I am everythingrom Lisa Cortez, the Academy Award-nominated and Emmy Award-winning producer and director, Christy Lovell and Zachary Drucker’s endearing portrait of New York City’s Meatpacking District and the transgender women of color who lived and worked there Picnic.

It will also feature the North American premiere of the documentary Kenyatta: Don’t wait your turnabout Philadelphia politician Malcolm Kenyatta’s unprecedented bid for the US Senate in 2022, premiering in the US smooththe first appearance of Joseph Amenta.

“We are at a moment when our industry is ready to have an honest conversation about including, investing in, and representing people of color, yet the entire LGBTQ+ community is facing an upsurge in hate targeting us,” Damian Navarro, executive director of Outfest, said in a statement. “On Outfestusion’s 20th anniversary, we not only celebrate our stories, but we continue our mission of championing themes of intersectionality and diversity in the face of this new wave of attacks on our community.”

This year’susion Achievement Award, which honors someone who has made a significant contribution to the emergence of LGBTQ+ in stories, the arts, and the media, inspection Writer and director Elegance Bratton.

inspection Official Trailer HD A 24Subscribe: http://bit.ly/A24subscriberom writer/director Elegance Bratton, starring Jeremy Pope, Raul Castillo, Aaron…

Theusion Impact Award will go to Aboriginal filmmaker and activist Bird Runningwater. Runningwater is recognized for its commitment to advancing the work of LGBTQ+ Indigenous filmmakers as producer, consultant, and leader of the Sundance Institute’s Indigenous Lab.

For more information, head to the Outfest website.

The Outfestusionestival takes place in person in Los Angeles from March 24th through April 2nd.