Manskin talks about creating art, breaking boundaries, and choosing freedom

2023 is in the works for Italian band Måneskin.

In late January, just before their Grammy debut, the young rock band took the stage with Jimmyallon The Tonight Show where they performed their new single “Gossip” alongside Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello.

But the next morning, Måneskin sang a different melody. our naked young men in their twenties, dressed in colorful clothes (white and gray count, right?), are seated tightly on a sofa, and set the camera for a Zoom interview in the early afternoon.

The indifference of it all contrasts with their typical way of dressing: loud prints, thick eyeliner, platform heels, and head-to-toe black. But even stripped down, the essence of the Italian rock four is on full display.

“We do what we love,” says drummer Ethan Torchio, noticing the overwhelming response the band has received. “It’s just part of the journey.”

Madness for two people

A few years ago, Måneskin was bustling around the streets of Rome. our teenagers play music they wrote in a garage at a time when “nobody believed in it.” By the end of 2021, countless fans have changed this narrative, making Måneskin – Italian for “moonlight” – a band to watch.

after Eurovision Song Contest Won, the band reached over 7 billion streams, amassed millions of social media followers, and got a call from Mick Jagger, himself, asking if they opened for the Rolling Stones (which they did in Las Vegas in November).

Their latest accomplishment is no small feat: a 2023 Grammy nomination for Best New Artist and the recent release of their third studio album. Accelerates!which is the brainchild of 17 tracks from “four different visions,” says lead vocalist Damiano David.

“[It’s a] Trusting each other”, adds guitarist Victoria DeAngelis about finding common ground amid the band’s diverse artistic visions. (She describes her taste as “heavier” and “salty” while David’s is softer “with more ballads”.)

“its just [about] Embrace all fours [our] Identities,” David repeats, nodding at De Angelis, drummer Ethan Torchio, and electric guitarist Thomas Ragge.

strangeness claims

The band is committed to creative freedom, to say the least. They did, after all, commemorate the release of their new album by symbolically tying the knot—red roses, white gowns, chapel, all—in a four-way marriage, in January.

“Everything we do is just part of who we are,” DeAngelis says, emphasizing that their expression of quirkiness is no different. Two Måneskin members identify within the community: De Angelis as bisexual and Torchio as sexually devoid.

We want to give [queerness] Acting,” she continues. “I think that’s still a thing [where] There’s a lot of work to be done… to show something that isn’t just a heterogeneous formula. “

Shattering stereotypes and finding freedom

Alongside their music, the band has sparked conversation around their gender-bending fashion sense, sporting styles that David Bowie, Prince, andreddie Mercury (to name a few) once wore as a second skin.

Although some publications have accused Måneskin of seducing queer, the band adamantly denies this.

“You don’t destroy [stereotypes] By creating new stereotypes,” says Torchio, emphasizing that makeup and clothing have no gender or gender. “It’s about [destroying] The concept of stereotypes themselves.

DeAngelis says of “the limitations that society places on you.”

“The whole goal should be freedom.”