Jim Parsons loves how Ben Aldridge’s dirty mind works

Why does Jim Parsons love Ben Aldridge? He loves “the way his dirty mind works”.

in their behind-the-scenes feature Outside Magazine photo shoot Spoiler alert The stars styled classic Hollywood looks and shared their experience working together on a passionate gay love story.

Parsons adds of Aldridge, “I felt like I had a partner all the time… No matter we were late to work or called the next day early, I couldn’t wait to get back.”

in Spoiler alertBased on a true story, Parsons plays entertainment reporter Michael, who falls in love with photographer Kate (Aldridge). The film shows the ups and downs of a long term relationship until it veers into a cancer diagnosis for Kit.

The movie deals with the sad realities but also the power of love. “She inspires you to love better and love fearlessly,” Aldridge says in the clip.

Watch the BTS video below and grab a file Outside The January/February issue is now on newsstands. Support multimedia and subscribe – or download the version from Amazon, Kindle, Nook or Apple News. And don’t miss it Spoiler alertnow streaming on Peacock.

The talent is Jim Parsons @therealjimparsons and Ben Aldridge benjaminaldridge
Photographer David Urbanke
Photographer’s assistant Thomas Chimney
Designer Michaelisher @mjonf
Designer assistants Annika Morrisonannikajmorrison & Addison Lineberger
Nanny, Jim Parsons Lisa Raquel Pines @lisaraquel
Nanny, Ben Aldridge Melissa Desarate @melissa.desarate
Videographer Austin Nunes @austinunes