How does the poison mechanic work in MTG?

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The toxicity mechanic may sound familiar to seasoned MTG players, due to the similar infection mechanic from previous collections. Toxic is a keyword found throughout Phyrexia: All Will Be One Set, introducing a new win condition for the standard format. By overwhelming your opponents with poisonous creatures, you can easily win in the beginning to the middle of the game. Below is an explanation of the toxicity mechanics of MTG.

How does Toxic work in MTG?

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Objects with the Toxic keyword normally cause damage to other objects, however When they deal combat damage to a playerAnd This player gets one or more poison counters. To determine how many poison counters a player gets, check the number next to the Toxic keyword. The Pestilent Syphoner card above has bothlying and Toxic 1, which makes it a great card for inflicting toxic meters, especially if the defending player doesn’t have creatures withlying.

If the player has 10 poison countersAnd They automatically lose the game. Many players create decks entirely around the Toxic mechanic, and these decks are usually green, black, or both. Cards such as Necrogen Rotpriest empower creatures with the Toxic keyword, giving the player an additional poison meter when hit by a poisonous creature.

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If you’re looking for a particularly brutal and toxic platformer, Try adding cards with the Proliferate keyword. This enables you to add an additional counter to any resource that already contains a counter of this type. or example, if a player has nine poison counters and you play a card like Whisper of the Dross, you can multiply their poison counters and bring it to 10. This causes that player to lose the game, without having to inflict a fight. Damage.

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How does the Toxic mechanic work in MTG?