The council approved plans for Billinge’s commercial buildings !

Full details about The council approved plans for Billinge’s commercial buildings

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Proposals to demolish commercial buildings and construct new ones have been formally approved by the council.

What are the plans?

The plans, submitted last fall, have sought council permission for development at Billinge Veterinary Surgery, at 42-44 Rainford Road, Billinge.

The site consists of commercial floor space that houses a vet, with an apartment above, two hairdressers, and two garage shops.

The planning statement, prepared by PKL Partners Limited on behalf of applicants Tru & Brownlow Pensionunds, said the development would involve “the demolition of the existing single barbershop buildings and two existing garage/store buildings”, followed by the construction of “a separate two-storey building to provide additional Class A floor space”. E”.

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She added that the proposed development “would result in a two-storey building offering an internal footprint of 91 sqm providing an open space, cloakroom and entrance to the ground floor, along with two offices on the first floor.

“The applicant intends to use the new floor space connection with Medivet Veterinary for the current veterinary surgery.”

‘economic benefits’

The application stated that there will be two full-time and two part-time employees after completion.

She added: “Overall, we consider the proposed development to consist of an accessible and well-designed building that fits closely with the urban grain of the surrounding area, whilst the proposed use of the building will add to the liveliness and viability of the site. The land use allotment of the Billinge local center.

“Economic benefits will be associated with the scheme through employment associated with new building construction and renovation.

“Moreover, we consider that the proposed development would contribute positively to the sustainability of the area and make a small contribution to the housing stock in the borough.”

They added, “We consider proposals for the Rainford Road site 42 – 44 to be entirely appropriate and will provide a range of sustainable economic, social and environmental benefits.”

Traffic concerns

In a report, planning officer Alex Ball acknowledged some residents’ concerns about increased traffic and street parking due to the development. But he said the development “will be acceptable” and that the site will use existing parking facilities.

Plans have been recommended for approval in the report.

What did the board say

The report read: “While on site, it was recognized that the proposal was located near a busy roundabout, while concerns were raised by neighbors about the increase in traffic as a result of the development which could lead to an increase in car parking.

“The site is located within Billinge Local Center and will benefit from existing public transport links, existing car parking facilities provided at the front of the proposed building, and existing car parking facilities provided along the road across the road.

“Together with this and a sustainable site, the development will be acceptable.”

Planning permission granted.

The plans were officially approved.