How to beat Bowser in Super Mario 64

Bowser is an iconic villain who has faced Super Mario through multiple games. In Super Mario 64, King Koopa encounters another enemy – analog stick technology! This was the first game where you needed to use the analog stick on the N64 console to throw the enemy into this 3D arcade. So prepare your thumbs to beat the buggy in Super Mario 64!

How to beat the last bowser in Super Mario 64

To beat the last buggy in Super Mario 64, you must have at least 70 stars. The final boss battle takes place at Peach’s Castle, so make sure you’re well prepared before you take on King Bowser for the third and final time. You have to grab the cart by its tail and throw it several times to finally defeat it. If you’re playing Super Mario 64 on Nintendo Switch, why not try out all the available Nintendo 64 games?

How many times do I have to beat Bowser in Super Mario 64?

You must defeat Bowser three times in Super Mario 64. To make things more difficult, he will be more dangerous each time you encounter him. Here’s how to defeat King Koopa, Bowser One and Two, before getting to the third and final battle with him. The easiest way to catch his tail is to wait for him to use his breathing ability.

He will stand still, so take advantage of this moment to get behind his back. Remember that Bowser is much faster in this third fight, so you need to be extra careful. Also, the battlefield will become smaller after you throw him in the grenade a few times.

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How to defeat the first buggy in Super Mario 64

You must catch his cut to defeat the first buggy in Super Mario 64. To do this, you lag behind him, which can be tricky if you don’t know his movement pattern. ortunately, King Koopa is slow when you first meet him, so you won’t have trouble remembering his movements. When you are behind him, use the analog stick to rotate him a few times. Look to throw him into nearby mines to deal great damage. Repeat this several times until the chariot king escapes.

How to beat Bowser II in Super Mario 64

To defeat Bowser 2 in Super Mario 64, you must collect more than 30 stars and solve several puzzles on your way to the boss battle inire Sea. Here you will meet King Koba for the second time. You will need to pick up his story again, but this time it will not be so easy. Bowser’s second boss has several new abilities that make this fight even more challenging.

Bowser can now shoot fireballs and also deflect the platform you’re fighting on. To avoid falling into the lava, run away as soon as it hits the ground. Besides these minor issues, you still have the same mission, so get his story as fast as you can and throw him in. Repeat the process until he runs away again.

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How to beat Bowser in Super Mario 64