All green hell crafting recipes

Green Hell is an open world survival simulator where your character finds himself abandoned and lost in the Amazon rainforest. Alone in the jungle, you must do everything you can to survive. In such extreme conditions, you will struggle even for the basics. Therefore, you will need to start building your own shelter, which means tools, and also survive when encountering some hostile locals, which means making yourself armor and weapons. Below you will find all the Green Hell crafting recipes that you will need to ensure your survival.

What are all the green hell craft recipes?

To craft an item in Green Hell (once you get the materials), Open your inventory By pressing Tab on the keyboard. Choose editingrom the right menu, then Drag the material you need to Forge Rock that appear on the screen. Alternatively, press C and select Craft from the menu wheel. Once you have all the materials on Crafting Rock that you need to craft an item, the letter button Will appear. Note that the Tribalirestarter is the only recipe that you cannot use until you unlock it (you can find it at West Native Camp).

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Finding the items you need below is largely by harvesting objects, which is achieved by right-clicking on them. or example, right-click Long Bamboo Stick to get bamboo sticks. Note that some items need other crafting items first. If the item made will be Too big for your bagAlternatively, right-click the large item while it’s on the ground and choose Craft from its drop-down menu.

Weapon recipes

  • Arrow: bird feathers (x2), small stick
  • Bamboo blowing: long bamboo stick, rope
  • Bamboo arch: long bamboo stick, rope
  • bamboo spear: bamboo stick
  • axe blade: Wooden Stick, Stone Blade (x3)
  • Bone axe: wooden stick, bone (x2), rope
  • bone knife;: bone, rope
  • bony spear: long stick, bone, rope
  • BendLong stick, rope
  • Four shaft forks: long stick, small stick (x2), rope
  • Four bamboo shaft: long bamboo stick, small stick (x2), rope
  • metal arrow: die-cast metal arrowhead, bird feather (x2), small stick, rope
  • Metal axe: cast metal axe, stick, rope
  • metal blade: Cast metal blade, rope
  • Metal axe: molded metal blade, stick, rope
  • metal spear: molded metal blade, long stick, rope
  • Obsidian ax: obsidian, rope, wooden stick
  • Obsidian Blade: obsidian, rope, small stone
  • obsidian spur: obsidian, rope, long stick
  • Poison arrows (x5): incomplete dart game, poison dart frog, frog stretcher
  • Blade stick: small stick (x2), small stone, rope
  • stone axe: a wooden stick, a small stone
  • Stone Ax (stronger version): wooden stick, stone blade, rope
  • stone blade: small stone (x2)
  • Spear stone: long stick, rope, stone blade
  • Incomplete arrows: bamboo stick, fibres
  • Weak spear: long stick

Armor recipes

  • Armadillo shield: banana leaf, armadillo shell, rope (x2)
  • Bamboo shield: banana leaves, bamboo stick (x3), rope (x2)
  • Bone shield: banana leaves, bones (x3), rope (x2)
  • Leaf shield: banana leaf, rope (x2)
  • metal shieldBanana Leaf, Armored Metal Casting (x3), Rope (x2)
  • stick shield: banana leaf, stick (x3), rope (x2)

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Tool recipes

  • Bamboo fishing rod: long bamboo stick, rope, bird feathers (x2), brazilian shell
  • bone hook: bone needle
  • Coconut Bidoon: drinkable coconut, rope
  • Fire arc: bow, small stone, small stick, plank
  • fish hook: fish bone
  • Fishing lane: long stick, rope, bird feathers (x2), Brazil nut shell
  • piercing: a wooden stick, a small stick
  • Manual drilling board: small stick, plank
  • flame: stick, rope, resin tree
  • Tribesirestarter: small stick (x2), rope (x2)
  • Weak flame: stick, rope

Mold recipes

  • Shield template: mold blank, melted iron ore, stick
  • arrow template: mold blank, molten iron ore, arrow
  • ax template: mold blank, molten iron ore, stone axe
  • Blade template: mold blank, melted iron ore, stone blade
  • Empty template: Mud bricks
  • Mud bricks: Mud (x2), Ash

Medicine recipes

  • Ash sauce: paper dressing, ash
  • Goliath sauce: leaf bandage, ash goliath sparrows
  • honey sauce: bandage in the form of leaf, honeycomb
  • paper bandage: molineria leaf
  • Lily sauceA bandage in the form of a lily leaf
  • Tobacco bandages: paper dressing, tobacco leaves

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All Green Hell Crafting Recipes