Themis Vault’s Tears Tourinal Try Challenge Mode – Blizzardous Thread of Red event

The Tears of Themis Blizzardous Thread of Red event starts from January 12thAnd 2023And untilebruary 2ndAnd 2023, and is open to all attorneys who have completed X-Note Main Story 2-28. The last building in the Villa Courtyard is called the Vault, which combines mechanics across all buildings.

After completing the first attempt, the second attempt, the third attempt, and the fourth attempt, you can use two keys to enter the challenge room called the final attempt. Both Rosa and the lead man will moving at the same time in separate areasso you need to make small adjustments to their locations to ensure that they both get to the exit together.

How to complete Themis Vault’s Tears final attempt

Silk bag #1

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Start by processing the two letters to continue heading east until you reach the section containing the file silk bag by Rosa. Enter and pick up the group.

Silk bag #2

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Continue to follow the path going to the right until you reach the area roughly cut in half on the Rosa side. You need to move up so that Rosa can enter from the upper tier, pictured above.

Head east, then head north so that the male hero can enter the upper tier on his side. Go west until you reach the far left, where you can collect the second silk bag.

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Silk bag #3

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Backtrack so that both characters exit the section and go back to the bottom layer. rom there, keep heading east until you come across the long walkway to the top. ollow the path so that both characters meet at the end. Pick up the last silk bag on the carpet.


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Exit ahead, but Rosa and the main guy We must go together. If they are separated, you can try this easy solution to bring them together:

  1. Move both of them down to the bottom of the area. The hero must be on the side of the open road that is walking, while Rosa must be on the dead end.
  2. Tell them to go down a little. Only the male leader will move, while Rosa will remain stationary.
  3. Then he moved them both west. This time, only Rosa will make a move as the hero will face a dead end.

If you do the above, Rosa and the hero will be next to each other, as shown in the third image above.

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During the movement, make sure the two are always side by side. Take them to the northernmost part of the room to find the exit, and complete the final stage in the Villa Courtyard. Don’t forget to claim your bonus reward 50 s chips in the upper-right corner of the Vault screen.

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Tears of Themis Vaultinal Try Challenge mode walkthrough – Blizzardous Threads of Red event