The best spells to learn early inorspoken

Inorspoken, your character intersects with a whole new world of Athia. The only weapon you have to defend yourself is your magic, which is given to you by the end of the bracelet you wear. Like every other role-playing game,orspoken also has a progression system and a skill tree that allows you to unlock new magic spells. Here’s a guide on which spells to cast first.

The best spells to learn early inorspoken

Magic spells can be learned by spending mana, an in-game currency that can be obtained simply by touching the glowing white energy pools scattered across the continent. In the beginning, you start withrey’s Magic, but you’ll receive Sila’s Magic spells soon after. Here are some of the spells we recommend for each of the magical trees you can unlock first. Moreover, if you have already spent mana on a spell you don’t like, you can recover the currency by deleting the unwanted spell.

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Best early spells forrey’s Magic

Fount spells circled in green and Regular spells circled in purple (Image by Pro Game Guides)
  • Fountain of blessing magic spells (Can be earned for free by visiting a fountain)
    • Shimmy: While running with Magic Parkour, you can jump and then tap again when landing to increase acceleration. Remember, timing the second jump is key here.
    • leap: Allows you to climb high walls and ramps.
  • Regular shifts (Can be earned by spending mana)
    • Lv Shot Scatter. 2 (112 Mana): The rate of fire of Rock Shot is higher, which turns it into a compact assault rifle. Moreover, the shock wave after the trigger is released hits harder and harder.
    • Lv shot blast. 2 (38 mana):ired blocks deal more damage and have a wider range. This is a cheaper alternative to upgrading your Scatter Shot Attack Magic if you don’t have enough mana.
    • tendrils (64 Mana): A whip is sent around that deals damage to anyone near you. You also get a health boost depending on the damage the whip deals. It’s a great magical support because you’re surrounded by so many enemies.
    • Genesis Lv. 2 (76 mana): Gives a boost torey’s Surge Magic Range, which can be used by pressing the Attack Magic and Support Magic buttons simultaneously.

NBThe pond springs are easy to locate. Simply hit the interact button after selecting the spell and you will be taken to the map where theount is. Dive into the Mulberryount and unlock the spell for free.

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The best early spells for Scylla magic

Image courtesy of Pro Game Guides
  • Fountain of blessing magic spells (Can be earned for free by visiting a fountain)
    • throat: Climb higher with multiple consecutive jumps. Combine this perk with the basic Scylla spell to reach unreachable cliffs and heights.
    • Speed: While running with Magic Parkour, you can get an instant boost by pressing the entry at the right moment. Wait for your legs to glow red and hit the Magic Parkour button.
  • Regular shifts (Can be earned by spending mana)
    • Rage Slide Lv. 1 (52 Mana): Charge Input Attack Magic unleashes a series of killing punches on the locked enemy. Release the insert shortly after to deliver a powerful blow that will send enemies flying.
    • Lv bracket slide. 2 (38 mana): Your sword gets a huge range boost. Moreover, you can use Attack Magic in the air to produce a shock wave that stuns enemies.
    • Lv blast slide. 1 (52 Mana): Throw a spear that will stick to enemies and cause an explosion shortly after. Since Scylla’s primary Attack Magic spell is all about close combat, Blast Slice is a must for taking on enemies from a group if need be.
    • Bombardier (52 Mana): Use this Support Magic to kick enemies backwards followed by an explosion as they land.
    • exaggerate, enlarge, exaggerate (144 Mana): This is not a spell that you will use in combat, instead, it allows you to increase the magic level of your cloak when you upgrade it at the crafting table. To unlock Amplify you will need to purchase a file Drag and drop (24 mana) Spell first. This puts the actual spend at 168 mana.

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Best spells to learn early inorspoken