Should you return to New York or protect Athena inorsbuken?

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The main mission oforspoken is very short compared to other similar role-playing games. If you are trying to finish the game quickly, you can do so within 7 to 10 hours of playing. During the game’s final chapter, Tanta Cinta,ry’s mother, gives her the choice of either returning to New York or facing the ultimate threat in Athena.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

What happens if I choose New York inorspoken?

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If you choose the gate on the right, you will arrive in New York after a farewell message from Cinta Tanta. Your character,ry, will appear walking through the city streets holding her beloved cat, Homer, after which the end credits will start rolling. This is the easy way out and you won’t receive any achievement/award, but it’s an alternate ending nonetheless.

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What happens if I choose Athia inorspoken?

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The real story will continue when you choose the left gate. You will fight alongside your mother, Tanta Cinta, after she transforms into her dragon form. The battles with Susurrus will take place in Cipal as you fight her three powerful forms. During the first battle,rey Dragon’s mother died protecting her. However,ry obtains her mother’s teleportation abilities and all of her magical powers are enhanced.

Forspoken end explanation

At the end of the final battle,rey transforms into the Tanta of Tantas and defeats Susurrus or Vambrace. The people of Athens mourn the death and look forward to a peaceful future. but that is not all. In a post-credit scene, we seerey talking to Cuff again, proving that Susurrus isn’t dead yet. He is waiting forrey to turn mad just like the other Tantas, after which he will destroy Athena once and for all. Now you can continue playingorspoken, exploring the remaining parts of the map, and discovering secrets and new gear.

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Should you go back to New York or protect Athia inorspoken?