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In Bloxruits, players have a wide variety of Blox fruits to choose from. When consumed, it grants you a set of unique abilities that can deal massive damage, but only one Bloxruit’s powers can be used at a time. One fruit that has been a bone of contention within the Bloxruit community is the infamous Bombruit, which is generally considered weak. However, in update 17.3, the developers have significantly modified Bombruit. This begs the question, are bomb fruits worth using and settling for? Read on to find out!

Is Bombruit worth using in Bloxruits?

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Perhaps the fruit of the bomb was a disappointment in Update 17.2 and earlier. However, the rework in update 17.3 made this Blox fruit an excellent fruit to use. It gives the player five different abilities that deal huge damage over large areas, as well as grant massive mobility effects that you can use to your advantage. It only costs $80,000 or 220 Robux, which makes it a great blox fruit for the price. Here are all the abilities that have been replenished for the Bombruit inruit Blocks.

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All combinations of movesruit Bomb

  • targeted bomb: Charge a bomb at the pointer location by holding it, then release it to explode. The blast radius increases with charging time. (level 1 proficiency)
  • Grab a bomb: Dash into an enemy and detonate a bomb, causing the flying target to explode. (Mastery level 50)
  • Earth mines: Set up land mines randomly in a radius around you. When enemies step or walk on mines, they explode, dealing damage. (level 75 mastery)
  • self-destruction: Tap to start draining health and charge, then release to deal massive damage to the enemies around you. (level 125 mastery)
  • Explosive jump: The player jumps through the air in an explosive blast, dealing damage to any enemies around him. (Mastery level 25)

How to get Bombruit inruits Blox

You can buy fruit bomb from Blox fruit dealer, or search for them around the map at random. Items in the Bloxruit Merchant’s inventory change every four hours, with the Bombruit having a 20% chance of restocking each turn. So, be sure to keep checking their inventory to increase your chances of getting the Exploding Bombruit.

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Is Bombruit good in Bloxruits? – Roblox