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World of Stands is one of the best Roblox anime and it is based on the strange world of JoJo. Here, players get to have their own suite, and complete different missions in different areas. After completing the London quest by defeating Dio in his castle, you will start the New York story quest in the vicinity. Within this mission, you are assigned to find out the whereabouts of Smokey, an individual who was captured and held hostage in the sewers. If you’ve been going around in circles trying to find Smokey, don’t worry. In this guide, we will tell you how you can find Smokey in the sewers in World of Stands.

How to find sewers in the world of terraces

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The sewers appear to be a smelly place under the surface of New York in the terraced world, located near a construction site. In your new story mission, after you help repair the digger, you will get access to the sewers, where you will meet Valentina again, who tasks you with finding Smokey. She always shares a hint by suggesting that perhaps one of the criminals in the sewers may be carrying the key to the room Smokey is keeping.

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How to save smokey from the sewers in the world of terraces

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From Valentina’s advice, we can assume that we need to kill criminals in order to get a certain key. Once the criminal drops the key into the room, you will receive a prompt on the right side of your screen that says Sewer Closet Key. After you get it, just walk into the room with the red light on top, and talk to the guard in front of it. They will mistake you for a capo, and let you into the room, where you will find Smokey. After you free Smokey, he will tell you to meet him again at the New York Cafe to continue the story.

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How to find and enter Smokey Sewers in World of Stands – Roblox