Firing Emblem Level Milling Guide

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Whether you’re looking to get every unit with the same strengths or you’re in a rush to rank someone, level grinding is something that can’t be skipped inire Emblem: Engage. However, grinding can be a bit of a mess. In this guide, we’ll tell you some leveling tricks that worked for us.

The best and fastest way to level up inire Emblem Engage

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Attacking and defeating an enemy unit is not the only way to gain experience. In fact, one of the best and most consistent ways to level up, especially weaker units, is Make them your therapist. Use a staff to heal any damaged unit, even those with 90% health. Doing so grants you experience equivalent to attacking a powerful unit like the one you’re healing.

We especially like having these side skirmishes because the boss unit never moves until it takes up the spaces it can attack. Heal every party member before you kill them. In any case, the wands are unlimited and can be purchased in the item shop in Somniel for 500g.

If they can’t use a staff, prepare Micah logo And give them one. Micah can also give her equipment the ability to melee great sacrifice, which restores HP to all allies. This will result in your net unit EXP * the number of units healed.

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Other ways to grow XP skills inire Emblem Engage

Use the ring

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After each fight, you can visit the arena. Here, you have three chances to choose a unit in a mock battle, and get EXP points. However, we only recommend using Arena for Unity with Offensive classes Because they are more likely to win skirmishes (eg mages, paladins, etc). The arena will give them a lot of experience if they win, but lose? not much.

Increase your relationship level with Marth to ten

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At the tenth level of Bond, the unit Marth you work with can be used Mercurius (SIF) in engaged mode. When you attack with this weapon, the experience gained by the user during that state doubles. Again, this option will only help offensive classes. You can instantly upgrade your banner links in Arena for a fixed number of bond fragments.

Game over (for casual runs only)

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Fire Emblem: Engage has a lot of challenging stages but that’s why the game is overdone coded to keep all the experience you gained in that battle. You are very welcome to take weak units to very strong levels and fight with them on the front lines. In a normal situation, KO does not mean the end of someone’s life!

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Fire Emblem Engage Level Grinding Guide