BitLife – How to Complete the Hustling Herbalist Challenge

Completing the Hustling Herbalist BitLife Challenge is easy once you know how to achieve each goal. Start by creating any character of your choice, then follow the steps below.

All objectives in the Hustling Herbalist Challenge at BitLife

To complete the Hustling Herbalist Challenge in BitLife, players must achieve the following main objectives.

  • Be a street hustler
  • He has tended a garden for over twenty years
  • Selling fake hashish to more than twenty-five passers-by
  • Selling fake hashish to a cop

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Before starting the Hustling Herbalist Challenge, you must purchase the BitLife Job Pack, as the entire challenge revolves around the DLC. You can purchase DLC from the in-game store for $14.99.

How to become a street hustler in BitLife

The first objective of the challenge is to become a street hustler. After reaching the age of 18, visit the Special Jobs tab and click on a specific street to work. Now, choose the SCAM Artist option as your primary job. Voila, you’ve become a street hustler.

How to Garden for Over Twenty Years at BitLife

The second task in the Hustling Herbalist challenge is to tend a garden for over twenty years. To do this, you need to visit the Mind and Body section of the Activities section. Under that, click on the Garden option to take care of your plants. Repeat the process continuously for twenty years to finish this job. Remember, you can’t get to the park if you become a street hustler. Therefore, we recommend that you take this mission either before becoming a street crook or after completing each of the remaining missions in the challenge.

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How to sell fake cannabis to over twenty-five passersby at BitLife

The third task in the challenge is to sell hashish to more than 25 people on your streets. Selling fake weed is an advanced form of BitLife scam technique. Therefore, you have to unlock it by doing beginner to intermediate level cheats frequently. Once you get to these high level scams, browse through the list and use your Fake weed scam Selection. Scam 25 different people on your street to complete the objective.

How to sell fake weed to a cop in BitLife

The ultimate goal of the Hustling Herbalist Challenge is to sell fake herbs to a cop at BitLife. or this, click on the People in Your Street option under the Job Activities tab. Now, find anyone with the cop sign and run the fake weed scam on them. Once you have executed the cheat, the challenge will be over.

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BitLife – How to complete the Hustling Herbalist Challenge