All Valheim Cheat Codes, Commands, & Item List (January 2023)

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Valheim is a vast Indie survival crafting game that tasks players with surviving in a fantasy world based on Norse mythology. Players start by creating a character and spawn with nothing. Starting with nothing, players must build a base; however, Valheim is a world with countless dangers. Some dangers players may face are encounters with dozens of enemies and harsh environments. Eventually, players must also face several bosses that all have unique attack patterns and themes.

Many cheats featured in Valheim include codes that can turn your character into a literal god. Other cheat codes can make your character do things such as fly, enter ghost mode, and turn on creative mode on and off. Aside from codes, we at Pro Game Guides have covered Valheim extensively since its launch. If you want to know how to make the Mistwalker sword in Valheim, what is Royal Jelly and how do you use it in Valheim, What is a Torn Spirit and how do you use it in Valheim, or even Where to find the Mistlands Biome in Valheim, PGG has you covered.

All Valheim Commands and Cheat codes List

Valheim Cheat codes

Here are all the Valheim codes you need for an easier playthrough.

  • godRedeem for god mode.
  • setkey(key)Redeem to set a global key.
  • ghostRedeem for ghost mode.
  • env(variable) Redeem to change the weather.
  • debugmode—Redeem for creative mode.
  • posRedeem for the current position in the console.
  • goto(x,z)Redeem to teleport to a location.
  • killallRedeem to kill all enemies.
  • tameRedeem to tame mobs.
  • players(number)Redeem to force a difficulty scale.
  • exploremap—Redeem to reveal the map.
  • resetmap—Redeem to reset the world map.
  • locationRedeem to set the current location as spawn.
  • stopevent—Redeem to stop events.
  • event(name)Redeem to start a specific event.
  • ffsmooth1Redeem to add smoothing.
  • ffsmooth0Redeem to reset smoothing
  • setkey—Redeem to set global key.
  • itemset(nameofset)Redeem to spawn a specific item set.
  • resetkeys—Redeem to rest a specified key.
  • listkeys—Redeem to list all global keys.
  • env—Redeem to activate debug environment mode.
  • resetenv—Redeem to reset debug environment command.
  • randomevent—Redeem to start a random event.
  • raiseskill(nameofskill)Redeem for skill boost.
  • resetskillRedeem to reset skills.
  • recall(playername)Redeem to recall all players.
  • resetcharacter—Redeem to wipe all character stats.
  • dpsdebug—Redeem to toggle dpsdebug.
  • setpower(GP_andnameofboss)Redeem to set a boss power on your character.
  • players(nr)—Redeem to adjust the current player difficulty scale.
  • removedrops—Removes all items dropped on the ground nearby.
  • freefly—Toggles freefly.
  • heal—Redeem for full health.
  • fov(number)—Redeem to change fov.
  • pukeRedeem to reset health.
  • hair(1-23)—Redeem to remove hair.
  • beard(1-16)Redeem to remove the beard.
  • model(0,1)Redeem to change your character model (male 0, female 1).
  • windangle(angle)(intensity)—Redeem to reset sets the wind angle.
  • resetwind —Redeem to reset wind.
  • tod0,0.5,1—Redeem to change the time of day.
  • tod-1—Redeem to reset the time of day to default mode.
  • skiptimeRedeem to skip time forward.
  • sleepRedeem to skip a day.
  • spawn(itemName)(Amount)(Level)Redeem to spawn a specific item.
  • timescale(amount)Redeem to reset time.
  • banned—Redeem to post a list of banned players.
  • unban(userid,IP,or,player name)—Redeem to unban a player.
  • ban(userid,IP,or,player name)Redeem to ban a player from the server.
  • kick(userid,IP,or,player name)—Redeem to kick a player from the server.
  • help(1-5)Redeem to post all admin commands.
  • saveRedeem to force a world save.
  • pingRedeem to ping the server.
  • infoRedeem to post system memory.
  • lodbiasRedeem to set draw distance.

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Valheim list of item commands

Valheim Armor Console Commands List

Armor Command
Bronze plate cuirass ArmorBronzeChest
Bronze plate leggings ArmorBronzeLegs
Iron scale mail ArmorIronChest
Iron greaves ArmorIronLegs
Leather tunic ArmorLeatherChest
Leather pants ArmorLeatherLegs
Padded cuirass ArmorPaddedCuirass
Padded greaves ArmorPaddedGreaves
Rag tunic ArmorRagsChest
Rag pants ArmorRagsLegs
Root harness ArmorRootChest
Root leggings ArmorRootLegs
Troll leather tunic ArmorTrollLeatherChest
Troll leather pants ArmorTrollLeatherLegs
Wolf armor chest ArmorWolfChest
Wolf armor legs ArmorWolfLegs
Megingjord BeltStrength
Deer hide cape CapeDeerHide
Linen cape CapeLinen
Lox cape CapeLox
Cape of Odin CapeOdin
Troll hide cape CapeTrollHide
Wolf fur cape CapeWolf
Bronze helmet HelmetBronze
Drake helmet HelmetDrake
Iron helmet HelmetIron
Leather helmet HelmetLeather
Hood of Odin HelmetOdin
Padded helmet HelmetPadded
Root mask HelmetRoot
Troll leather helmet HelmetTrollLeather
Yule hat HelmetYule
Dverger circlet HelmetDverger
Wishbone Wishbone

Valheim Creature Console Commands List

Creature Command
Abomination Abomination
Blob Blob
Boar Boar
Boar piggy Boar_piggy
Cave tuna Fish4_cave
Crow Crow
Deathsquito Deathsquito
Deer Deer
Drake Hatchling
Draugr Draugr
Draugr Archer Draugr_Ranged
Draugr elite Draugr_Elite
Fenring Fenring
Fuling Goblin
Fuling Berserker GoblinBrute
Fuling shaman GoblinShaman
Ghost Ghost
Gjall Gjall
Greydwarf Greydwarf
Greydwarf brute Greydwarf_Elite
Greydwarf shaman Greydwarf_Shaman
Greyling Greyling
Growth BlobTar
Gull Seagal
Leech Leech
Leech (cave variant) Leech_cave
Leviathan Leviathan
Lox Lox
Lox calf Lox_Calf
Melee Skeleton Skeleton_NoArcher
Neck Neck
Odin odin
Oozer BlobElite
Perch Fish1
Pike Fish2
Rancid remains Skeleton_Poison
Root TentaRoot
Seeker Seeker
Seeker Soldier Seeker_Soldier
Serpent Serpent
Skeleton Skeleton
Spearuling GoblinArcher
Stone Golem StoneGolem
Surtling Surtling
Training dummy TrainingDummy
Troll Troll
Tuna Fish3
Wisp Wisp
Wolf Wolf
Wolf cub Wolf_cub
Wraith Wraith

Valheim Trophies Console Commands List

Trophies Command
Abomination trophy TrophyAbomination
Blob trophy TrophyBlob
Boar trophy TrophyBoar
Bonemass trophy TrophyBonemass
Deathsquito trophy TrophyDeathsquito
Deer trophy TrophyDeer
Drake trophy TrophyHatchling
Draugr Elite trophy TrophyDraugrElite
Draugr trophy TrophyDraugr or TrophyDraugrFem
Eikthyr trophy TrophyEikthyr
Fenring trophy TrophyFenring
Fuling berserker trophy TrophyGoblinBrute
Fuling shaman trophy TrophyGoblinShaman
Fuling trophy TrophyGoblin
Greydwarf Brute trophy TrophyGreydwarfBrute
Greydwarf Shaman trophy TrophyGreydwarfShaman
Greydwarf trophy TrophyGreydwarf
Growth trophy TrophyGrowth
Leech trophy TrophyLeech
Lox trophy TrophyLox
Moder trophy TrophyDragonQueen
Neck trophy TrophyNeck
Rancid Remains trophy TrophySkeletonPoison
Serpent trophy TrophySerpent
Skeleton trophy TrophySkeleton
Stone Golem trophy TrophySGolem
Surtling trophy TrophySurtling
The Elder trophy TrophyTheElder
Troll trophy TrophyForestTroll or TrophyFrostTroll
Wolf trophy TrophyWolf
Wraith trophy TrophyWraith
Yagluth trophy TrophyGoblinKing

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Valheim Gear Console Commads List

Gear Command
Blackmetal axe AxeBlackMetal
Bronze axe AxeBronze
Flint axe AxeFlint
Iron axe AxeIron
Stone axe AxeStone
Cultivator Cultivator
Fishing rod FishingRod
Hammer Hammer
Hoe Hoe
Antler pickaxe PickaxeAntler
Bronze pickaxe PickaxeBronze
Iron pickaxe PickaxeIron
Stone pickaxe PickaxeStone
Abyssal harpoon SpearChitin
Blackmetal atgeir AtgeirBlackmetal
Bronze atgeir AtgeirBronze
Iron atgeir AtgeirIron
Battleaxe Battleaxe
Crystal battleaxe BattleaxeCrystal
Crude bow Bow
Draugrang bow BowDraugrFang
Finewood bow BowFineWood
Huntsman bow BowHuntsman
Club Club
Blackmetal knife KnifeBlackMetal
Abyssal razor/knife KnifeChitin
Copper knife KnifeCopper
Flint knife KnifeFlint
Silver knife KnifeSilver
Bronze mace MaceBronze
Iron mace MaceIron
Porcupine MaceNeedle
Frostner MaceSilver
Banded shield ShieldBanded
Black metal shield ShieldBlackmetal
Black metal tower shield ShieldBlackmetalTower
Bone tower shield ShieldBoneTower
Bronze buckler ShieldBronzeBuckler
Iron buckler ShieldIronBuckler
Iron shield ShieldIronSquare
Iron tower shield ShieldIronTower
Knight shield ShieldKnight
Serpent scale shield ShieldSerpentscale
Silver shield ShieldSilver
Wood shield ShieldWood
Wood tower shield ShieldWoodTower
Iron sledge SledgeIron
Stagbreaker SledgeStagbreaker
Bronze spear SpearBronze
Ancient bark spear SpearElderbark
Flint spear SpearFlint
Fang spear SpearWolfFang
Blackmetal sword SwordBlackmetal
Bronze sword SwordBronze
Cheat Sword SwordCheat
Iron sword SwordIron
Dyrnwyn SwordIronFire
Silver sword SwordSilver
Tankard Tankard
Mead horn of Odin TankardOdin
Torch Torch
Bronzehead arrow ArrowBronze
Fire arrow ArrowFire
Flinthead arrow ArrowFlint
Frost arrow ArrowFrost
Ironhead arrow ArrowIron
Needle arrow ArrowNeedle
Obsidian arrow ArrowObsidian
Poison arrow ArrowPoison
Silver arrow ArrowSilver
Wood arrow ArrowWood

Valheim Meads Console Commands List

Mead Command
Barley wine base:ire resistance BarleyWineBase
Fire resistance barley wine BarleyWine
Frost resistance mead MeadFrostResist
Mead base:rost resistance MeadBaseFrostResist
Mead base: Medium healing MeadBaseHealthMedium
Mead base: Medium stamina MeadBaseStaminaMedium
Mead base: Minor healing MeadBaseHealthMinor
Mead base: Minor stamina MeadBaseStaminaMinor
Mead base: Poison resistance MeadBasePoisonResist
Mead base: Tasty MeadBaseTasty
Medium healing mead MeadHealthMedium
Medium stamina mead MeadStaminaMedium
Minor healing mead MeadHealthMinor
Minor stamina mead MeadStaminaMinor
Poison resistance mead MeadPoisonResist
Tasty mead MeadTasty

Valheim Item Drop Console Commands List

Item Drop Command
Acorn Acorn
Amber Amber
Amber Pearl AmberPearl
Ancient bark ElderBark
Ancient Seed AncientSeed
Barley Barley
Barley flour BarleyFlour
Beech seeds BeechSeeds
Birch seeds BirchSeeds
Black metal BlackMetal
Black metal scrap BlackMetalScrap
Blood pudding BloodPudding
Blood bag Bloodbag
Blue mushroom MushroomBlue
Blueberries Blueberries
Boar jerky BoarJerky
Boar meat RawMeat
Bone fragments BoneFragments
Bread Bread
Bread dough BreadDough
Bronze Bronze
Bronze nails BronzeNails
Bukeperries Pukeberries
Carrot Carrot
Carrot seeds CarrotSeeds
Carrot soup CarrotSoup
Chitin Chitin
Cloudberries Cloudberry
Coal Coal
Coins Coins
Cooked boar meat CookedMeat
Cooked deer meat CookedDeerMeat
Cooked fish FishCooked
Cooked lox meat CookedLoxMeat
Cooked serpent meat SerpentMeatCooked
Cooked wolf meat CookedWolfMeat
Copper Copper
Copper ore CopperOre
Core wood RoundLog
Crystal Crystal
Dandelion Dandelion
Deer hide DeerHide
Deer meat DeerMeat
Deer stew DeerStew
Dragon egg DragonEgg
Dragon tear DragonTear
Entrails Entrails
Eyescream Eyescream
Feathers Feathers
Fine wood FineWood
Fir cone FirCone
Fish wraps FishWraps
Fishing bait FishingBait
Flametal Flametal
Flametal ore FlametalOre
Flax Flax
Flint Flint
Freeze gland FreezeGland
Greydwarf eye GreydwarfEye
Grilled neck tail NeckTailGrilled
Guck Guck
Hard antler HardAntler
Honey Honey
Iron Iron
Iron nails IronNails
Iron ore IronOre
Leather scraps LeatherScraps
Linen thread LinenThread
Lox meat LoxMeat
Lox meat pie LoxPie
Lox pelt LoxPelt
Lox saddle SaddleLox
Minced Meat Sauce MinceMeatSauce
Muckshake ShocklateSmoothie
Mushroom Mushroom
Neck tail NeckTail
Needle Needle
Obsidian Obsidian
Onion Onion
Onion seeds OnionSeeds
Onion soup OnionSoup
Ooze Ooze
Pine cone PineCone
Queen bee QueenBee
Queens jam QueensJam
Raspberry Raspberry
Raw fish FishRaw
Resin Resin
Root Root
Ruby Ruby
Sausages Sausages
Scrap iron IronScrap
Serpent meat SerpentMeat
Serpent scale SerpentScale
Serpent stew SerpentStew
Sharpening stone SharpeningStone
Silver Silver
Silver necklace SilverNecklace
Silver ore SilverOre
Stone Stone
Surtling core SurtlingCore
Swamp key CryptKey
Tar Tar
Thistle Thistle
Thunder stone Thunderstone
Tin Tin
Tin ore TinOre
Troll hide TrollHide
Turnip Turnip
Turnip seeds TurnipSeeds
Turnip stew TurnipStew
Withered bone WitheredBone
Wolf fang WolfFang
Wolf jerky WolfJerky
Wolf meat WolfMeat
Wolf pelt WolfPelt
Wolf skewer WolfMeatSkewer
Wood Wood
Yagluth thing YagluthDrop
Yellow mushroom MushroomYellow
Ymir flesh YmirRemains

Various Items Console Command List

Miscellaneous Item Command
1×1 wooden cube CastleKit_braided_box01
Abyssal harpoon projectile projectile_chitinharpoon
Adult Chicken Hen
Adze piece_workbench_ext3
Ancient bark spear projectile ancientbarkspear_projectile
Ancient seed statue StatueSeed
Ancient tree SwampTree1
Ancient tree stump SwampTree1_Stub
Ancient tree(unbreakable) SwampTree2
Anvils forge_ext2
Armor stand ArmorStand
Artisan table piece_artisanstation
Barley seedling sapling_barley
Barrell Barrell
Bed Bed
Bee swarm effect bee_aoe
Beech sapling Beech_Sapling
Beech stump Beech_Stub
Beech tree Beech1
Beehive Beehive
Beehive piece_beehive
Bench piece_bench01
Birch stump BirchStub
Birch tree type 1 Birch1

How to redeem Valheim codes

If you are wondering how to redeem cheat codes in Valheim, it’s easy. To redeem cheats or console commands:

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides
  1. Add -console to the Launch Options tab for Valheim on Steam.
  2. Right-click on your copy of Valheim inside your Steam Library.
  3. Select properties from the drop-down menu to reveal the Properties menu for Valheim.
  4. Inside this menu, add -console to Launch Options at the bottom of the Properties tab.
  5. After adding the correct launch option, load back into Valheim, and enter both devcommands and debugmode into the console.
  6. You can enter both commands by hitting5 and entering the commands into the input box. Doing so will activate all cheats and commands and Creative mode. Some commands you can use in Creative mode include Z for fly mode, K to kill all enemies in the area, and B for no resource cost mode.

How to get more Valheim codes

You can get more Valheim cheat codes by typing help into the console. To open the console, press F5 and type help into the console input. Doing so should display a list of various commands you can use in-game. Besides using the help command, there are no other ways to get more Valheim codes.

Why aren’t my Valheim codes not working?

If your commands are not working, it is most likely due to incorrect copying or spelling of specific commands. We recommend checking your spelling or copying the codes exactly as they appear in our lists. Other reasons may include not adding a space between the code and its follow-up command like event (place a space here) then (name of the event).

How to spawn items in Valheim

If you want to spawn items in Valheim, you can do so by activating cheats in the console and following it with spawn (itemName) (Amount) or (Level).or example, to spawn an item, you must type Amber 20. To spawn an entity or monster, you must type Boar followed by the level of the enemy or non-hostile mob.

What is Valheim about?

Valheim is a survival crafting game where players play as Vikings and build bases while surviving different environments. There are nine biomes that all feature resources and items players can collect. Players must also face numerous bosses and enemy creatures while trying to craft dozens upon dozens of items.

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All Valheim Cheat Codes, Commands, & Item List (January 2023)