Why more people need to watch the best show on Netflix

ended with 1899? Confused by Netflix’s decision to cancel the show? Why not drown your sorrows with Dark. or my money, it’s the best show on Netflix.

From the creators of 1899, Dark is a mind-bending show that masterfully combines introverted family drama with time travel, and it’s one of the rarest things: a show without a single dip in quality. All three seasons rule in every way imaginable.

The Stranger Things comparison makes sense, but Dark is an entirely different show.


Darkness, in essence, is a mysterious series. Much like Weird things – The most popular show by comparison – Dark season 1 focuses almost exclusively on the search for a missing child. But in this show, the child did not escape into a parallel world, but into a different world the time 30 years in the past. Before Long Dark is a show that works across multiple time zones and dimensions.

Darkness has it all. He performs intricate, intertwined flips on a level level westworld Looks like a clever pretend show for kids. These fluctuations are earned by also Being a meticulously written study of intertwined family relationships and claustrophobia in small towns.

It’s a show that balances the stakes that come with time travel narratives with ease. Dark’s plot is so convoluted that I’d make a game of waiting for it to completely fall apart. I spent three full seasons waiting for Dark to drop the ball and collapse under its own weight, but it didn’t.

This TV show is a miracle.

Perhaps the worst thing you can say about Dark is that it’s pretentious. Unlike other time-travel shows like, say, Outlander – which come alive in camp and kind of ask you to watch in a sarcastic way – Dark takes itself very seriously. It is almost relentless.

Dark asks you to genuinely care about what’s happening on screen. It peppers its plot with multiple explicit references to Ariadne and the Bible. In most sci-fi stories, that would be enough to make my eyes pop out of their sockets and roll right back into my brain, but Dark earns delusions of grandeur by being good enough to maintain them.

Want to bring an anti-water plot to life, bringing it to life with dazzling performances and stellar writing with allusions to Greek mythology and classical literature? Who am I to say no? Go for your life.

Perhaps the best part about Dark is that, unlike other so-called “prestige shows,” there’s no dip in quality. There are no “wild” seasons like Lost. Or skippable episodes like Stranger Things. dark no Rush towards its conclusion like Game of Thrones, or betraying years of character-building to serve the plot. No, it stays very calm and meticulous from start to finish. I can’t think of another show like it. At least not on Netflix.

So why the hell is no one talking about it? Why isn’t Dark’s sustainable quality offering trending on Twitter? Why don’t people get angry about spoilers or get into friendship discussions onacebook? Dark literally dropped its fantastic finale season on Netflix and it felt like no one — not even Netflix themselves — noticed?

Is it “complicated”? Could. Dark can be difficult to follow and 100% expects its audience to remember the intricate details of a sprawling family tree that plays out across several different timelines.

Time Machine

Darkness spreads across different times and dimensions.


Is Dark promoted compared to other shows on Netflix? Maybe. I an act Start by watching Dark After the first season of Stranger Things. The show seems to run under the most popular shows in the recommendations.

Is she German? In spite of parasite Win At the Oscars, I think translations are still a huge barrier. I could definitely see a major US network buying the Dark license and producing a (likely inferior) version of this show using English speaking actors.

Either way, more people should watch Dark.

I mean he’s right there. Three seasons of perfect TV, available on a streaming service you likely already subscribe to. Dark won’t disappoint you, or turn shit like Game of Thrones. It won’t end up patchy like Deadwood, or stale like Westworld.

dark there. Let’s talk about it, think about it. to be obsessed. Do yourself a favor and watch it