Rozzi locks the state house room, and the listening tour begins

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (WHTM) — The paralysis continued in the Pennsylvania State House as House Speaker Mark Rousey shut down the House amid a struggle over how to proceed with the session.

Rozzi, who kicked off his listening tour in Pittsburgh on the evening of January 25, was touched by what he heard but broke the news with what he said.

“The purpose of this tour is to hear from you, people,” Rousey said.

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Many people have spoken out on various topics, including gun violence, the gift bill, and closed primary elections in Pennsylvania. However, one statement hit home for Rosie.

“Why is child sexual abuse survivors always being used as a political beach game,” said Shaun Dougherty, a child sexual abuse survivor.

In response, the silent speaker in the House spoke of an amendment that would allow survivors of childhood sexual abuse to sue abusers after the statute of limitations.

“I’m going to keep the doors to the house closed until we have a fair deal to make this happen,” Rosie said.

Republican leader Brian Cutler objected, and sent a letter to Rizzo calling the closed-door policy inappropriate.

In the letter, Cutler said, “Our house belongs to the people of Pennsylvania, not to any member or members.”

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Rousey’s hearing tour moves to Philadelphia onriday, Jan. 27, but he wants lawmakers to hear him out, insisting the amendment must move on its own, not bundled with other issues.

“My first priority as a speaker, and I’ve made this clear, is to beat up victims of childhood sexual abuse, children who have been raped, and get justice,” said Rosie.

Republicans and pundits say Rousey should not be listening in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, but rather working in the state house.