How to unlock and craftlamecloaked Barding ininalantasy XIV

Flamecloaked barding is a Chocobo Companion novel released ininalantasy XIV patch 6.3. The cladding is designed in the form of an infernal rubicanti and, as a result, has a fiery appearance. Here’s how to make and get the parts forlamecloaked Bending.

Burnt-stained livery crafting inFXIV

Flamecloaked barding is a level 90 Master Weaver recipe for which you will need to open a file Mr Weaver X recipes. The crafting of the piece does not require minimal craftsmanship, but a rating of at least 3700 is recommended. Below we have listed the required components:

  • 1xlame Pearl
  • 2x Bayberry cloth
  • 2x aluminum ingots
  • 1x Rutilated Quartz

You will also need the following crafting crystals

  • 3x cluster lightning
  • 3x wind group

All of these items, apart from the Pearl oflames, are fairly common items that can be obtained by most high level artisans and collectors. However, thelame Pearl might be difficult to find.

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Get thelame Pearl inFXIV

The Pearl oflames is a rare item that drops from Mount Ordeals (Extreme) battle. However, it is also a tradable and marketable item, so you can sometimes find it on the market board. Unfortunately, due to its rarity, it can be very expensive, sometimes running into the hundreds of thousands of gill.

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How to unlock and craft thelamecloaked Barding ininalantasy XIV