How to unlock a logistics node ininalantasy XIV

Ininalantasy XIV Patch 6.3 dozens of players and minions have been added to the game. One of these was the Logistics Knot, Alagan Knot, and a throwback to the Heavensward story missions. Here’s how to open Logistic’s Node mount for yourself.

How to unlock the logistics node inFXIV

Logistics node holder unlocked by reaching PvP Series level 15 in PvP Series 3. To do this, you will need to participate in PvP matches, and get serial experience. This is obtained from all PvP matches, but most of the experience comes from Crystalline Conflict PvP.

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The best way to get to this level is to clear PvP in the two most common ways. irst, take part in daily frontline roulette. This grants some additional chain experience in addition to normal PvP experience and other bonuses. After that, you’ll want to eliminate Crystalline Conflict matches to gain the optimal chain experience.

You will tend to gain a few hundred experience per victory, and less per loss. It doesn’t matter if you’re grinding the ratings or the spin-off, the series’ experience of winning and losing will be the same. As a result, the queues for both are quite reasonable. Many players managed to unlock this within a few days using this method. inally, remember that this is a limited time unlock. If you don’t unlock this mount by the end of the PvP chain, it will be gone forever!

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How to unlock the Logistics Node mount ininalantasy XIV