Eternal Evolution class list – Top heroes, ranked

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Eternal Evolution is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi RPG for mobile devices. However, for an idle mobile game, there is quite a bit of strategy involved because the hero you use can mean the difference between encapsulating your heroic deeds as eternal legend, or fading into botched obscurity. Below, we’ve listed the best heroes in the game so you know who you should keep an eye on.

The best heroes in eternal evolution

We’ve included three hero classes in Eternal Evolution: S tier, A tier, and C. tier. S and A tiers are the most desirable heroes available in the game because you can utilize them in most scenarios, while C tier heroes have more specialized uses in their applications.

S class.

buta – SSS rarity support hero, Botta is a new addition to Eternal Evolution S. Tier. She comes with the Ultimate Jungle skill, which heals a targeted ally at 22% of her max HP.

Billy Hudson – The only deadly S-class hero, Bailey Hudson is an SSS rarity and is believed to be one of the best heroes in the game. His biggest skill is Shadowless Slash which smashes all enemies and deals 180% attack damage.

whatever –rom the Terras faction, a rare SSS hunter hero can shoot multiple bow arrows at once with the Arrow Rain ability.

lok – Considered the Lord of Wings, Luke is a rare SSS power system hero who can take advantage of the Curse of the Night.

contemporary – Cosmic Scientist is a rare hero in SSS and also serves as one of the best healers available.

oak – An elite tank hero of the Atlas platoon. It comes with the highest base HP and Defense available in the game.

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Bohr – Another tank-type hero, Bohr has a rare elite status. He can unleash rage that increases his size for a short time before dealing 500% ATK damage to all enemies in range.

Crete – Crete is a vanguard chaos bull with a rarity in SSS. They can jump into the target area and smash the hammer to the ground as their ultimate ability which deals massive damage to every enemy in the vicinity.

Reese – This support hero has a rare rating in SSS. With the activated ability they can restore the ally’s energy to the maximum.

Zaida – An appendage such as oak from the Atlas species and is considered a tank. With an SSS rarity rating, she comes with the ultimate Whale King’s Wrath ability that deals attack damage and protects up to 10% of max health for six seconds.

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class c

Mark 2 bot – Bot Mark 2 is a rare rarity, it is a bounty hunter that can fire seven rounds in specific directions for two seconds which deals 110% attack damage using the ultimate ability of the Artillery Party.

Omar Elite Energy Champion, Omar’s ultimate ability is Thundering Rage. This skill targets the attack area and deals 240% of its attack damage.

Orn Like Omar, Orn is an elite power hero. Orn uses Heavy Rockets as their ultimate ability which gives 215% of their attack damage to enemies in the area.

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Eternal Evolution Tier List – Best Heroes, Ranked