15 sexy photos of Bryce Eilenberg, a fan-favorite ‘Drag Race’ pit crew member

Bryce Ellenberg is the cutest member of the ginger hole crew RuPaul’s Drag Race. Since joining the Pit Crew in Season 7, Eilenberg has become a staple of the series alongside other fan favorites like Jason Carter, Shawn Morales, Miles Davis Moody, Bruno Alcantara, and Calixto Quan.

As of season 15 of drag raceEilenberg appeared again on the show during the Snatch Game episode alongside rookie Asaf Goren. ans always love seeing Eilenberg because of his sweetness and charming personality – and it’s not like his good looks don’t help either! Even though he has stepped back from appearing on the show compared to past seasons, Eilenberg is still very much a part of the series. drag race franchise.

Scroll through to see sexy photos of Bryce Eilenberg — and be sure to follow him on Instagram at @bryceeilenberg.

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