The intern, Dinesha Kaur Bharg, is the fourth candidate to be fired

Avi Sharma

Profession: city banker

Location: London

BACKGROUND: Youngest candidate and believes Lord Sugar’s investment will extricate him from the “rat race” of banking in the city

“Some say I’m delusional,” he says, “I prefer the term optimistic.”

Danny Donovan

Occupation: Owner of a hairdressing salon

Location: Hertfordshire

BACKGROUND: She believes she deserves to win the show because her work fills a “huge gap” in the market, saying, “It baffles me that no one has done that yet!”

“I think I’m a different kind of business owner, someone who’s more connected to people,” she says.

Emma Brown

Occupation: Senior Account Executive

Location: County Kildare

BACKGROUND: LASER has focused on making its unique business idea a resounding success

“I am disgustingly competitive,” she says. I will do my best to win this investment.

Joseph Phillips

Occupation: Safari guide

Location: Worcestershire

BACKGROUND: “James Bond in Business” with a degree in zoology

He says, “If Lord Sugar wants to invest in a business to help save the ocean, one lip balm at a time, I’m his man.”

Mark Mosley

Occupation: Owner of an insect control company

Location: London

BACKGROUND: A former soldier says he can “sell to anyone” with the gift of gossip

He says: “If Lord Sugar does not choose me, he is losing a trick.”

Megan Hornby

Occupation: Owner of a pastry shop and coffee shop

Location: East Yorkshire

Background information: She says her business fills a gap in the market and has the potential to be recognized nationally.

She says, “I believe that no matter what situation I’m thrown into, I’ll always give one hundred percent truth, even if it’s hard to hear.”

Rochelle Anthony

Occupation: owner of a salon and academy

Location: Bedfordshire

BACKGROUND: She describes herself as “stubborn, fierce and resolute” and says with Lord Sugar they would be “an absolute force to be reckoned with”.

She says, “I’m always compared to Kim Kardashian in the business world because I do business with a hint of glamour.”

Shazia Hussain

Occupation: Tech recruiter

Location: London

Background: Want to support diverse representation of diverse women in the business world

“I don’t need any friends at work,” she says. I’m here to win this.

Suhail Al-Shouhairi

Occupation: Owner of a martial arts school

Location: Southampton

Key info: Raised in a local council, worked hard to set up a business and warns other candidates to be ‘careful’

He says: I am calm and beautiful, but if they come to me? I will bite and I will be stung, and I will leave my mark.