Lightfall brings economic change to Destiny 2

The good news continues to roll in until the release of Destiny 2’s next expansion, Lightfall. Developer Bungie has promised a bunch of new updates that will come with the release of the expected expansion and it looks like the studio is delivering on that promise.

Destiny 2’s economy changes in Lightfall

in blog post, the team announced several changes coming to the sci-fi shooter looter. The bulk of the updates revolve around the different economies in the game. Everyone from Ada-1 to Commander Zavala undergoes an overhaul at the end ofebruary when the Guardians head to Neomuna on Neptune.

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Since all Armor Mods are now available to all players, Ada-1 will now sell 3-color shaders each week. Commander Zavala will finally introduce a focus on Vanguard weapons and armor as well as Nightfall weapons, including minions. Vanguard, Crucible and Gambit will offer retro gear focused on the full range of weapons and armor available.

Finally, Trials of Osiris rotates weapons and also benefits from a focus on legacy. To help offset this influx of material and luminosity, the overall costs are dropped and if Guardians have previously acquired gear, its focus is half of it. In general, things are looking good for the Guardians. Now if only Bungie could stabilize the game.

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Lightfall is bringing economic change to Destiny 2