How to unlock the fortune teller inire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage gives players a safe haven in Somniel, the home and sanctuary of the Divine Dragon. Here the player can participate in several mini-games and enjoy downtime and talk to their characters. One mechanic you can use in Somniel is theortune Teller, which is not available at the start. This might make you wonder how to unlockortune Teller inire Emblem Engage.

How to getortune Teller inire Emblem Engage

To unlock theortune Teller and make it appear on Somniel inire Emblem Engage, you must clear it Chapterifteen: A Dancer in the Ruins. Not only do you have to complete this level, but you also have to complete it Recruit Seadall By talking to him with Alear. During combat, Seadall is a dancer, but in outdoor combat, Seadall serves as theire Emblem Engage’s cashier. If you do not recruit Seadall, theortune Teller will not appear on Somniel.

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How to use theortune Teller inire Emblem Engage

Theortune Teller inire Emblem Engage could be, too used at nightTherefore, you have to wait for nightfall or sleep in bed until the time of day changes. You can find Seadall telling fortunes in the southwest corner of Somniel. If you visit during the day, you cannot use Seadall’s fortune-telling abilities.

When you talk toortune Teller, he will give you Seadall List of available characters. You can choose one to find out their interests and the personality they think of. This is useful in The removal of subsidies between your characters. You can’t always control which character a unit is contemplating, so don’t be afraid to switch between units when telling your fortune.

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How to unlock theortune Teller inire Emblem Engage