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Sonaria Creatures looks like a Roblox love letter to the classic Spore. In this game, you can control creatures of different sizes, shapes, colors, powers, and survival conditions each of which offers a unique gaming experience. Besides this active play loop, there are passive income models in the background, one of which is Shooms. Shooms can be used to buy a wide variety of things in Creatures of Sonaria, so getting your hands on a lot is highly recommended. However, the question becomes what is the fastest way to collect Shooms?

The fastest way to collect Shooms in Sonaria Creatures

Agriculture AFK

By far the fastest and most efficient way to collect Shooms is through Agriculture AFK Since you earn Five suns every two minutes in the game. In Creatures of Sonaria, AFK farming is done by finding a safe area and using a creature that has either High appetite or he photofour, or a creature that subsists on a diet that relies on sunlight. or creatures with a high appetite, you can simply leave them unattended for a little less than half an hour at a time, but for light-footed ones, you can leave them unattended for as long as you like with the right setting. The setup for AFK photovoltaic cultivation is as follows:

  • Find a secluded, enclosed area with a water source.
  • Find something you can set it to electronic key on the keyboard.
  • file download Auto click a program. Click Test in a second that contains a file List of safe autoclickers on their website.
  • Place the photocopier next to the water source.

By following these steps, you can leave Creatures of Sonaria open overnight and wake up to plenty of Shooms. However, note that if you don’t keep your creature active or make a mistake, Roblox’s AFK detection will kick you for inactivity.

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trade for shums

Another way to group Shooms is to trade their items in a Trade world. The Trade World is a Creatures from Sonaria’s version of an auction house where players can trade for currency or items and vice versa. Using Trade World is one way to collect more Shooms, but it’s usually not as effective as farming AFK.

Daily login rewards

Sonaria creatures reward players for consecutive daily logins, and Shooms are a common reward given. However, since this is a once-a-day bonus and Shooms are not guaranteed, this is a dependably poor way to collect Shoom.

Death rewards

Although it is not a reliable or effective source for Chums, Death rewards It can soften the blow when you kill inside Sonaria creatures. Death bonuses give you currency and other items based on how well you survive. The game takes into account the amount of food and water you have consumed, the distance traveled and the time spent in the game. Death rewards are divided into tiers, with each tier offering different rewards:

  • class d: This level does not offer play bonuses, but it is very difficult to get a D unless you die shortly after spawning.
  • class c: Submit this level Five suns As a reward, praise for your efforts to survive a little longer than level D.
  • Class BMiddle class offerings 10 suns And Appearance change icon As a bonus, which makes it much better than the previous two levels.
  • layer: an offer 20 sunsAnd Appearance change iconand a Micro growth symbolThis is the first tier that offers huge rewards.
  • S class.:inally, this category offers 50 showroomsa Revive the symbolAnd Two appearance change iconsand a Micro growth symbolmaking it much better than the layer directly below it.

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Buy with Robucks

Technically, spending real money on Robucks and turning them into Shooms is the fastest way to collect Shooms, but that’s assuming you have plenty of money to spend on Creatures of Sonaria. Assuming this is not the case, this is probably the worst way due to financial constraints.

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How to get Shooms fast in Creatures of Sonaria – Roblox