How to get Ligmatized in Broken Bones V – Roblox

One of the most sought-after Diagnostic nicknames for players while running is Ligmatized, or Ligma. Aside from showing a great little feat on the report card, Ligma also provides players with up to extra cash 50 thousand dollars Which makes it one of the fastest ways to earn money in the game. The best way to get Ligma or to be Ligmatized in Roblox Broken Bones V is to try to descend towards the bark of any tree or solid object at a decent speed.

How to get Ligma in Broken Bones V

Although you need to jump from a decent height, speed is also important in obtaining Ligma. or this, we highly recommend getting Jetpack or Rock Boots. You can purchase both items from the upgrade store 400 thousand dollars And 625 USD, respectively.

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For the site, anything above A4 Avalanche With an elevation of at least 1,400 feet. Once you have chosen a particular area/section, you should be ready to go. Stand at any point in the landscape and totally use your Jetpack or Rock Boots to get up to speed 500 mph Point the character at any solid object such as terrain, a tree, or an object near the vicinity. If your speed is already above the specified amount while swiping, you will get a Ligma in your slash Advanced Diagnostics Report. Remember that reaching speed is much more important than reaching height in getting Ligma, so focus on improving it.

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How to get Ligmatized in Broken Bones V – Roblox