Early Reviews for M. Night Shyamalan’s Praise Movie ‘Knock at the Cabin’

Early reviews of M. Night Shyamalan’s Ring in the cabin Praise movie

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Ring in the cabinwhich hits theatersebruary 3, is the prolific and sometimes controversial director’s return to the big screen after 2021. age or old.

The movie follows a gay couple Fun Alum Jonathan Groff f Outside Cover star Ben Aldridge, and their daughter, are held hostage by four armed strangers while vacationing in a cabin in the woods. The Strangers then tell them that they have been chosen for an important global mission: the family must decide to sacrifice one of their own or the world will end.

It’s a lofty premise, but so far, early reviews are giving the movie near-universal praise.

Brian Davids Hollywood Reporter He said that the film is “one of the best films of M.NIght Shyamalan’s career” and that he never stopped thinking about it after ten days of watching it.

Film critic Eric Davis tweeted that he was “glad to report that M.’s #KnockAtTheCabin is tender and understated, a perfect little edge-of-your-seat thriller in earlyebruary. Big win for M. Night, imo. Highly recommended.”

Another fan who saw an early screening said it was the director’s best work since Signs, which was released more than 20 years ago. While many of Shyamalan’s films have been beloved by critics and fans (Sixth Sense, Signals, Divisibility, Unbreakable), the others were not entirely successful (Lady in the water, it happens, the village), and it’s nice to know the director is back to do what he does best.

Viewers are particularly impressed with Dave Bautista’s performance, calling it one of the best performances of his career. They describe it as “scary as hell”, “simultaneously poignant and terrifying” and “a captivating screen presence.”

Asia Iftikhar, entertainment reporter Pink NewsIn Exclaim!, said she was “touched” by the film and particularly praised Ben Aldridge and Jonathan Groff’s chemistry as the couple at the film’s center.

Ring in the cabin It comes out in theaters onebruary 3.

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