Both ‘Titans’ and ‘Doom Patrol’ have been canceled by HBO Max after 4 seasons

Two other LGBTQ shows will end this year.

HBO Max announced Wednesday that two live-action DC Comics superhero series, titans And Doom Patrolwill end after their current fourth seasons.

titans, which followed a team of teen superheroes, had several quirky characters, including mutant actor Sheila Man as the bisexual Deathstroke’s son Jericho. She also appeared in the lesbian villain Mercy Graves.

In the final season, Tim Drake joined the team titans, and so did someone very close to him from the comics. In 2021, Robin Tim Drake appears in the comics, asking his friend Bernard. In season 4 of titansAnd Bernard and Tim are both part of the show.

Doom Patrol He also had many strange characters, including some members of the main team. Larry Trainor, also known as the Negative Man, plays Matt Bomer who is a gay man in the series. Crazy Jane, another member of the team played by Diane Guerrero, is a lesbian. Many of the side characters are also weird.

Prolific gay producer and creator Greg Berlanti was one of the producers behind both shows.

The show’s end wasn’t exactly a surprise, as DC Entertainment is going in a new direction after announcing that James Gunn and Peter Safran will take over and create a new slate of movies and TV.

Both titans And Doom Patrol Already released the first half of the fourth season episodes. The second (and final) halves will return later this year on HBO Max.

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