What Old Poppets and Coins Are Usedorspoken

Inorspoken, players will come across different materials and objects while exploring Athia, and these items can be used in different ways. Poppets and Old Coins are two such materials, and players need to know how to use them. Here’s how to find and use Poppets and Ancient Coins inorspoken.

How to find and use Poppets inorspoken

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Poppets are wooden dolls found all over Athens, that can be used in… Poppet Trader Store To purchase various equipment and materials. Players will come across one of these merchant shops in Cipal. Muppets were toys of the Athenians, but now they are used as currency. To find Poppets, players need to take part in detours involving cats. Interact with the cats and follow them to get the Poppet. Players will encounter these cats in Cipal during different chapters, and completing these detours will help them collect all the Poppets in the game.

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What should you spend your oldorspoken coins on?

Ancient coins are another type of currency inorsbuken, and they can be found all over Athens. Ancient coins can be used to purchase various items from Curio Collector’s Store. The Curiosity store is located in Inner Visoria, check the map image above for its exact location. We recommend saving on this currency and spending it at the Curiosity Shop. Here are some of the items that can be purchased in the Curiosity Shop with Ancient Coins.

  • gravity lantern: Buy for 16 ancient coins, it allows players to collect mana over a wider area.
  • Comfortable pillow: Buy for 16 ancient coins, which give players temporary effects when they sleep in a shelter or camp.
  • pot industry: Buy for 24 coins, and allows players to convert natural resources into other forms when crafting.
  • compass: Purchase for 48 coins, this unlocksorage options that allow players to collect items while camping.
  • sewing kit: Buy for 64 coins, allowing players to craft new cloaks and necklaces.
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Players can also spend ancient coins to buy books from library. Ancient coins can be obtained from chests using Puzzle Locks and from various other locations around the map. Players will come across ancient coins found in difficult places, which can be collected using different traversal abilities. Use Cuff’s Scan to check where these Puzzle Lock Chests are located around the map inorspoken.

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What are Poppets and Old Coins used for inorspoken