What is Hi-Fi Rush? Rhythm Play, Game Pass, Platforms, and More!

Tangowork Games has abandoned its horror roots and joined forces with Bethesda to create and give players Hi-Fi Rush, a rhythm-based action game. ollow Chai on an elegant and surprising adventure as you probe the evil corporate world and blast to a soundtrack of your own making.

Everything we know about Hi-Fi Rush

Hi-Fi Rush takes place in a world where the device controls the music and soundtrack in the Chai Box. ight to the beat and perfect the timing of the soundtrack to tie songs and combos together in this stylish action title. Here’s everything we know about Hi-Fi Rush.

What is the Hi-Fi Rush release date?

Hi-Fi Rush is on 25 JanuaryAnd 2023. You can follow the official Bethesda Twitteror more information and updates at this address.

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What platforms does Hi-Fi Rush use?

Hi-Fi Rush will be a cross-platform release, which means you have different options where you can enjoy this title. Here is where you can play Hi-Fi Rush.

Is Hi-Fi Rush a rhythm game?

The answer is yes; Hi-Fi Rush is a Action rhythm game. But that doesn’t mean non-rhythm fans can’t enjoy this title, as Tangowork Games has designed Hi-Fi Rush for both rhythm genre veterans and newcomers. The movement in the game will automatically sync with the rhythm but will also reward players who master the timing.

Is Hi-Fi Rush on Game Pass?

Hi-Fi Rush is available on both Xbox and PC Game Pass day one. This means that subscribers of the subscription service can play Hi-Fi Rush for free. or those not subscribed, you can choose Game Pass to enjoy this title and many other games included with the service.

Hi-Fi Rush Trailer

Hi-Fi Rush got an in-depth look during the Xbox Developer Direct on January 25, 2023, but you can watch the announcement and trailer video on Bethesda’s official YouTube channel.

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What is Hi-Fi Rush? Rhythmic Gameplay, Game Pass, Platforms, and more!