Tyler Posey embraced his sexuality while filming Teen Wolf

the Teen Wolf The pack is making a big comeback this year!

Tyler Posey came out as gay and fluid sexually in 2021, but it took him a long time to fully embrace his gender identity. In fact, the actor takes credit directly Teen Wolf To help him “unabashedly accept” who he is.

During an interview to promote the upcoming Paramount+ movie Teen Wolf: The MovieBossy said Jay Times:

“[Teen Wolf] It certainly helped not to let the topic die in my head. He was constantly there and was constantly being accepted. or me, it was easier not to feel ashamed of what I went through. I was just instilled in this idea of ​​acceptance for who I am. I owe it to the show, but also to the way I was raised and who I am and who I want to inspire people to be; To be yourselves without shame. I think everyone played a role in that.”

The representative added that Teen Wolf The series showcased LGBTQ+ representation in a way that was very normal for the time it aired. Not only was the show inclusive of bizarre characters, but it also didn’t make a big fuss about how they defined or categorized themselves.

“It was like everyday life. You’re gay, you’re straight, whatever,” Posey remarked. “These topics weren’t like, ‘Here’s gay! Here’s straight! It was all very normal. I think that’s what people really appreciate because we’re all normal.'” .

Needless to say, a long time ago Teen Wolfans can’t wait to see fan-favorite characters reunite in this new movie. We have to stan!

Teen Wolf: The Movie Premieres January 26th at Paramount+.

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