Rep. Connor McGinn supports a petition calling for a lifetime ban on fatal drivers !

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Rep. Conor McGinn supports a petition calling for a lifetime driving ban for dangerous drivers who kill.

The St Helens North MP is urging members of the public to sign the online petition, which now has 8,800 signatures, launched by Courtney Ellis’ family.

In September 2020, Courtney Ellis was out with her sister Morgan and a friend in Blackbrook Road when she was hit by a vehicle traveling at over 90mph on a 30mph road.

The impact – witnessed by her sister and their friend – severed her spine and caused fatal injuries. She was only 14 years old.

The man convicted of the offence, Brandon Turton, 21, pleaded guilty at Liverpool Royal Court and was sentenced to six years and nine months in prison in September 2022.

Turton was also suspended from driving for seven years and four months.

The driving disqualification ran from the start of his sentence, meaning that when he is released after three years, he will only have four years remaining on his driving ban.

Courtney’s grieving mother, Angela Burke, has launched a petition calling for a change in the law regarding the driving ban, asking those found guilty of causing death by dangerous driving to be banned from driving for life.

The petition is now just 1,200 short of the target of 10,000 required for the government to respond.

Connor McGinn, MP for St Helens North, is offering his support and urging others to sign the petition.

He said: “The entire community is devastated by the passing of Courtney Ellis, and our thoughts are with her family and all those affected by her tragic death.

St Helens Star:

Unfortunately, her family’s grief is compounded by their sense of injustice.

“Thanks to the Violet-Grace Youens family campaign, sentencing will be much stricter in the future, but this should also be reflected in the length of any driving ban.

St Helens Star:

“In Parliament, I have called for anyone causing death by dangerous driving to be dealt with harshly under the law, and having met Courtney’s mum, I know how much it would mean to her and her family if the public supported the petition calling for a ban for life.

“I hope I will have the opportunity to speak for them again in the House of Commons.”

To sign the petition, go to: