Police confiscate a ‘dangerously ridden’ motorcycle in Newton-le-Willows !

Full details about Police confiscate a ‘dangerously ridden’ motorcycle in Newton-le-Willows

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Police seized a motorcycle that they said was being ridden “dangerously” with a child passenger on board.

The officers said they were patrolling Wargrave Road in Newton-le-Willows this morning, Wednesday, January 25, when they saw a Suzuki Bandit motorcycle being mounted.

“Non-observance of the rules of the road”

Police said that “on closer examination, the rider had ‘sat’ his four-year-old son next to the fuel tank” and said “the rider showed no regard for his child’s safety”.

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Officers in a regular vehicle followed the bike, which police alleged was being ridden “without regard to the rules of the road”, including over curbs and over the speed limit.

Ryder reported

Police said they questioned the passenger and claimed the suspect did not have insurance or a licence.

The bike was seized by the officers.

The suspect has been reported in connection with alleged dangerous driving and driving without a license and insurance.

Police claim the bike did not have mandatory lights.

What is the law surrounding the billion children?

The law does not set a minimum age for motorcyclists, although they must be able to access foot pegs, must wear a properly fitted helmet and, if under 16, must have permission from their parent or guardian.