How to slash enemies when using Shield Shot inorspoken

Forspoken features several magic spells that players can use during combat. One of Attack Magic’s spells, Shield Shot, creates a defensive shield that protects you from incoming attacks. You can also use this shield to charge into enemies and deal massive damage to them.

How to slash enemies with Shield Shot inorspoken

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First, you must have Shield Shot equipped as Attack Magic, which can be done from the spell selection (RB) wheel. Then you need to create a rock shield by holding down Enter Attack Magic (RT). The longer you hold the button, the shield gets bigger until it reaches its maximum level. Now you just need to release the button you were holding to slash into the enemies close by.

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Remember, the enemy has to be very close for rock projectiles to hit them from the shield. Moreover, if the enemy attacks you, the shield will absorb damage and keep you safe. Upgrading the Shield Shot feature to higher levels allows you to create larger shields with improved effectiveness. Once upgraded, you can use this technique on fierce enemies like dragons.

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How to barge into enemies when using Shield Shot inorspoken