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Raids are one form of content players can experience in Roblox Bloxruits. Raids are a form of content where players can take on enemies, bosses, and other challenges to get rewards and fun. Raids usually require a group of players to complete, but with the addition of the Ghoul race to Bloxruits, players have been figuring out how to go about individual raids due to their unique abilities.

Complete the Buddha raid solo in Roblox Bloxruits

Prepare to complete the Buddha raid solo

Before you start the Buddha Raid, you’ll need to set yourself up for success. The best setup to beat this raid solo is as follows:

  • 2000 stat points in ruckus.
  • 2000 stat points in defense.
  • The rest of your stats refer to Blocks fruit.
  • It must be your personality beast race and be v2 version.
  • Processing is recommended ogre mask.

This setup will allow you to take out a lot of damage while taking as little punishment as possible during a raid. The reason this setup needs Ghoul V2 is due to this unique version steal life Passive, which heals you from melee damage you took.

With this setup, you are now ready to take on the raid on your own. Below, you’ll find each stage of the raid, along with strategies to make it easier.

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All stages and strategies of the Buddha raid

Wan Island

On Island One, your enemies will consist of small human fighters that perform uniquely tornado And Energy blast attacks. Your best strategy is to attack these enemies in circles as you attack them, as this will allow you to dodge many of their attacks to telegraph normally. With your utmost defense and lifestyle, this will be the easiest stage.

The second island

On this island, human fighters will perform new attacks like strikes And dashes Dealing more damage and crowd control. Strikes can be especially dangerous if you chain them, as they will carry you through the air to take continuous damage. However, implementing the strategy from the first island will serve you well here.

island three

Island Three will start out the same way as Island Two, with the human combatants doing the same moves for the first half of the fight. However, the second half of the fight features a new opponent, this one being Buddha. This enemy is much stronger than human fighters and is a real threat to running. The only step you need to pay attention to is Explosion ability, as this deals massive damage. However, it is telegraphed by the Buddha raising his arms up over his sides and head and can be baited by approaching the Buddha and then running away. The blast ability won’t spam, so once you’ve fed it, you can then rush in and quickly take down the Buddha.

Four Island

The fourth island will house several Buddhas at once as well as new human fighters Lightning An ability that stuns you in place for a few seconds. This ability is very dangerous when combined with buddha blasts and can kill you running so make sure you kite as much as possible and take down the human fighters first. After that, execute the baiting strategy from the third island to take down the Buddha statues.

Island five

The fifth island is the last and most solid island, with lots of Buddhas followed by the final Buddha head. The boss will spawn while Buddhas will spawn constantly, but Buddhas have a limited number of eggs, so killing them will be your first goal. Playing the bait and grabbing the explosions while avoiding the main boss is your best strategy, and after knocking down the smaller buddha that spins around the buddha head while hitting it in the Lifesteal will be enough to eventually bring it down, thus completing the buddha raid.

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How to solo Buddha Raid in Bloxruits – Roblox