How to get Wild Musk inorspoken

Inorspoken, players obtain various resources from all over Athia, some of which are absolutely necessary for upgrading equipment and crafting. Wild Musk is one such material, and players need to know how to get this item. Here’s how to get Wild Musk inorspoken.

Where to find Wild Musk inorspoken

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Wild Musk is an essential material inorspoken as it is required to craft and upgrade equipment in the game. We find Wild Musk inside a chest before entering Junoon. Wild Musk is usually found in funds And in some Mazes. We recommend that you find more chests while exploring Athena to increase your chances of obtaining these materials. Use the cuff scanning ability to locate nearby enemies, chests, and other important items.

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We also found Wild Musk in a released in Blessed PlainsThis area is located south of the pond. Check out the circle while on the map image above for its location. This chest is best obtained after the Xenos Guild. After collecting enough Wild Musk, players can start upgrading their equipment. Players can check the Resources tab to see how much Wild Musk they have collected so far. Wild Musk has been popularly used as an ingredient in Indian cuisine, and is commonly grown on farms. Corruption has destroyed his consumptive value, but Wild Musk can be used to improve equipment inorspoken.

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How to get Wild Musk inorspoken