Codes for Zombie Army Simulator (Jan 2023)

The zombie apocalypse has never been more fun than in Zombie Army Simulator. Build hordes of undead and fight dangerous enemies. As you progress, you can rank up to get better rewards, unlock new worlds, and become the best zombie mastermind.

Use codes in Zombie Army Simulator to get free rewards. As codes are added, they will have expiration dates and must be redeemed before then. You can find a list of active codes for Zombie Army Simulator below — use them to get free stuff and get a head start on the game.

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List of all codes for zombie army simulator

Updated January 15, 2023

A new symbol has been added.

List of all codes for zombie army simulator (working)

Below are all active codes in Zombie Army Simulator.

  • 14klikes—Recover 2x potions (new)
  • 2mvis– Replace Skull Potion by 2x
  • 1 m— Redeem the lucky potion
  • Cryptase—Stream for Cryptase
  • broth– Recovery for Gravycatman
  • 500 kV—Recovery for two brain doses
  • 6kfavs—Recovery for two brain doses
  • 2000 likes— Redeem the lucky potion
  • Jeff– Refund for JeffBlox Zombie
  • 1kfavs– Redeem for rewards
  • 500 likes— Compensation for cranial doses
  • Release—Free Bonuses

List of all zombie army simulator codes (expired)

  • There are no expired codes in Zombie Army Simulator at this time.

Code for Roblox Zombie Army Simulator

Here is everything you need to know about the codes for Roblox Zombie Army Simulator.

How to redeem codes in Zombie Army Simulator

You can use icons in Zombie army simulator To get all kinds of cool stuff. Using the codes in this Roblox title is very easy and will help to give you an edge over other players. Here’s how to use and redeem codes in Zombie Army Simulator.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides
  • tap on Twitter button on the left of the screen
  • Select Enter Code Here text field
  • Enter your code and click Uses

How to get more zombie army simulator codes

Go ahead and join the official Zombie Army Simulator disagreement or community group To find codes, interact with the developer, and play with the community. As soon as new codes are added, we will put them in this list and make sure that the codes are updated. Bookmark this page to stay updated and get free stuff from codes as soon as they are released.

Why are my Zombie Army Simulator codes not working?

Zombie Army Simulator codes are controlled by the developer, and they decide when new codes are added and how long they are active. Each code has different expiration dates – some codes may expire faster than others, so pay attention when adding them. If some codes no longer work, check their expiration date, spell, and if they are active yet. Refer to this page to see if any new codes have been added or expired. If you notice that the code is no longer working, please let us know so we can check and update this list accordingly.

What is Zombie Army Simulator?

In Zombie Army Simulator, you can build up your undead forces by opening capsules to get many zombies. Rank up for better rewards and zombies as you explore different worlds in your quest for the title of greatest player. But watch out for enemies like knights and cyber soldiers or you will lose to zombies.

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Zombie Army Simulator Codes (January 2023)